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belief systems: what do you believe_

We’re all full of B.S.

Listen to my latest GVK podcast—Green Diva Meg and I chatted with our dear friend and inspiring author, Julie Genovese, about how to change our belief systems (B.S., as Julie likes to call it and I wholeheartedly agree). Then read on for more…

My belief system. 

As my spiritual practice deepened, I noticed that I would say things and not know if that was how I truly felt. So, I started exploring my thoughts—and most of them were about my own self—and discovered that most of those beliefs were placed there by another. 

We come into this world ready and excited for the human adventure. We’re fresh from our Higher Self, All That Is and our Guides. We are shiny and prepared. Then life begins to happen and all the things we knew before we came drift away.

We get caught up in the drama unfolding. We experience pain, sorrow, love, joy, disappointment and triumph. And we “be-lie-vethat this is all there is.

We “be-lie-ve” the stories that people tell us about ourselves and forget that we are Divine.

Well, my friends, it’s time to remember! Take a look at those dusty and moldy ideas that others put upon you and Know your Divine Self.

Who put them there and when? More often than not, you’ll find that the “be-lie-f” is one from a very young and tender age.

Throw it all out and start fresh from the viewpoint of Divinity. From that place, you will come to know your worth. You will come to understand how sacred your journey is and that no one can have this particular journey besides you.

Doing this type of thinking, living, Being takes practice at first. Always it takes consciousness. We must be aware of how we represent our energy in the world because what we put out in the world is the only true thing that we have control over.

Time to start shedding our beliefs…

~ xoK

To find out more about Julie Genovese, author of Nothing Short of Joy, please visit nothingshortofjoy.com.

To learn more about Abraham Hicks, please visit abraham-hicks.com.

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Green Diva Kristin

Kristin Ace is a professional actress, storyteller, writer and healer. Her desire is to put all her gifts to use in raising the vibration of the Earth. With GVK (Good Vibrations with Kristin), she hosts a fun and inspiring podcast series featuring enlightening conversations. Kristin shares spiritual insights with her guests and audience with humor and grace.

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  1. genoves1@optonline.net'
    Julie Genovese September 11, 2014 at 3:52 pm -  Reply

    Talking with you two is the BEST BS buster around! Love you! xoxoxoxox

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