Top 4 People’s Climate March Facts

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What’s the People’s Climate March? How do I get there?

Listen to my Green Divas Radio Show interview to find out more. Then read on for more and links…

The World Health Organization convened it’s first ever conference on Climate Change and Health in Geneva, Switzerland August 27-29th, 2014.

Christina Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), had some important facts to share.

She warned that as the world becomes hotter and more populated, and as the demand for food, water and energy grows, health impacts WILL exponentially spread, potentially overpowering the response capacity of health and disaster reconstruction sectors.

Ms. Figueres also reminded delegates that…

“Climate change is not the disease. Climate change is actually the symptom. The disease is something we rarely admit. The disease is humanity’s unhealthy dependence on fossil fuels, deforestation and land use that depletes natural resources.”

As my kids say…”nuff said! We need to act on climate change now, and we must demand that our elected leaders take real action too, or we won’t support or vote for them.. So, one way to do this is to have your voice heard, loudly, with thousands of other folks at the Peoples Climate March in New York City on September 21st.

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Here are our top four Peoples Climate March facts:

1. If you need a way to get there or place to stay, don’t worry. Find out about getting to and staying in New York City.

2. It’s not just in New York. Check out some of the amazing Solidarity Events happening September 20-21, all around the world. Chicago’s Climate March will be September 6th (Green Diva Lynn—and possibly Green Diva Meg—will be there!).

3. You can win money for your kids’ school! Engage lots of people through your/your kids’ school and win a $5 thousand dollar sustainability grant for your/your kids school!

4. Build excitement for the People’s Climate March and recruiting family, friends, and neighbors’ involvement might be easier than you think! Host a house party to show the brand new movie, Disruption. Here’s the trailer:

Check back here with The Green Divas and be the first to learn more exciting march related facts and information.

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Green Diva Harriet

Harriet Shugarman is the Executive Director and Founder of Climate Mama and a long time Climate Leader and Mentor with The Climate Reality Project. Speaker, writer, presenter and "mom-activist," Harriet travels the country educating, informing and rallying audiences around the realities of climate change and how people can feel empowered to take individual and collective action - in their homes, businesses and in their communities. Harriet has worn many hats over the course of her life: ski instructor, orchard worker and even one time skydiver! Harriet spent most of her professional life working as an economist and policy analyst, including 13 years as a representative for the International Monetary Fund at the United Nations. Harriet sits on several boards and chairs numerous regional and local environmental committees, including her New Jersey town's Environmental Commission and works regularly with national, state and local organizations to lobby for legislative change on climate and environmental issues. She is the mother of two teens who are her inspiration and motivation for everything that she does!

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