Green Divas Product Rave: White Lotus Home ~ Kapok Pillows

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green diva product review: white lotus home kapok pillows

I. Need. Sleep.

And considering as much as one third of our life is spent sleeping (if we’re lucky enough), who wants to spend all that time breathing (or snoring) in toxins?!

Listen to this quick and fun review of White Lotus Home Organic Pillows, then please read more about them (and how you can win one) below!

We’ve been doing more and more posts and podcasts about our exposure to toxins from almost everywhere — from our beds and couches that we spend significant time on every day to the clothes we wear and the container we eat and drink from—AHHHHH!

I have a rather fussy neck. It can get extremely cranky if it has to spend the night on the wrong pillow. Unfortunately, the best pillow I’ve found to satisfy the sensitive neck turns out to be one of the most toxic ones. Ugh. Yup, that awesome foam pillow that cradles my neck just right also outgasses some nasty stuff, including Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (aka PBDEs).

According to Dr. Oz, PBDEs are linked to a scary list of health issues including thyroid disruption, permanent learning and memory impairment, behavioral changes and liver damage. Uh, maybe I slept on that thing for a bit too long already!

I have tried other pillows, but Ms. Finicky Neck always bitches at me, and I generally was forced to skulk back to the toxic one. So, I became a bit jaded about all these healthy pillows being touted and was similarly skeptical when I got offered a chance to try some pillows from White Lotus Home. They have a range of organic, natural and healthy pillows that is impressive and alluring to my Green Diva side—Ms. Finicky Neck, not so much. 

I received two pillows to try, an organic natural latex one and a kapok filled one. Hmmmm. Kapok? Never heard of that. The natural latex one is nice and I love the organic casing, but Ms. Finicky Neck wasn’t thrilled. Oy. But the kapok pillow? (cue angelic chorus, music and sun streaming in through parting clouds) Suddenly, Ms. Finicky Neck is all YES, YES, YES! 

Been sleeping on it for over a month and no crippling neck issues driving me to my friendly chiropractors office! YEA!

Ok. Aside from my personal neck issues, the White Lotus Home company is very cool, and don’t I love that they are right here in NJ, although their products are available throughout the US and of course you can order via web. 

Big Green Divas thumbs up for a company that is extremely conscientious about sustainability, fair trade issues, resources and of course, the finicky necks out there. 

Enter now for a chance to win a White Lotus pillow!

Two lucky winners will either a White Lotus natural kapok or White Lotus natural latex pillows (one each). Three will receive the book Eco Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable! The Green Divas are also giving away (2) Love Potion organic lubricant from Honey Colony. Enter now for a chance to win! Deadline is September 12th, 11:59 p.m.


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