PupuPalooza: Foodie Fun Hawaiian Style

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Green Divas head to Hawaii

Yup. This is happening . . . The Green Divas are headed to Hawaii. Aloha baby. 

We are fortunate to be invited to participate in the annual Puna Culinary Festival, which is taking place in September at Kalani in Hawaii. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it! We’ll be presenting one talk about how green divas (and dudes) can find low-stress ways to live a deeper shade of green, although if you live in Hawaii, I suspect things are a bit lower stress than for some of us on the mainland!

As part of the Puna Culinary Festival, we ‘ll be sharing a fun workshop on smoothies and juicing, because GD Lynn and I are both a bit obsessed with morning smoothies and afternoon juices. We will also get to be judges in the culminating fun PupuPalooza, which is a delicious contest to see who makes the most delightful Pupu’s (which is Hawaiian for appetizer folks). Foodie paradise, right? 

Listen to our fun interview with Drew Delaware of Kalani, who talks about this amazing festival and learn about a few fruits and veggies that you may not have heard about before. Can’t wait to go experiment with some of these tropical foods that are fresh, locally grown, organic and from what I hear yummy.

hula girl on Green DivasYup. getting that grass skirt ready . . .

The Hawaiian visitor’s bureau has also asked us to cover some of the other amazing eco stuff that is going on there on that cool island. We have a pretty rigorous itinerary including some zip lining in the rainforest, helicopter ride into a volcano, visit to legendary local farmer’s markets, yoga and hopefully a nap in there somewhere!

From what we are already learning, this is an island steeped in tradition and very much about maintaining a connection to the natural rhythms.

Join us at Kalani and enjoy 20% off!

Kalani is offering a generous 20 percent discount off accommodations or their Kalani Experience package. Book by September 30th, 2014, and mention code GREENDIVAS.* Go to Kalani.com/GreenDivas.

Learn about Hawaiin permaculture…

Listen to this Green Divas Radio Show that features Eric Ellenwood from Kalani— he’s a permaculture dude and talks about the amazing environment at Kalani. 

More about Kalani…

For more than 30 years, Kalani has been a soulful place of refuge and renewal for international guests. Kalani is an educational nonprofit organization that celebrates Hawaii, nature, culture and wellness. Kalani is located on Hawai’i Island, commonly known as the Big Island, and is bordered by tropical jungle and the Pacific Ocean.

They offer vacations and workshops that provide guests with fun and transformative experiences, and the tools they need to promote their higher selves.

Kalani’s recipe for a transformative vacation:

  • Keep your spirit high
  • Awaken to new ways of living
  • Let yourself relax and rejuvenate
  • Attune with creative energy
  • Nurture your body and soul
  • Indulge in natural splendor

Kalani Honua means harmony of heaven and earth, and this is what we aspire to. We welcome all in the spirit of aloha and are guided by the Hawai’ian tradition of `ohana (extended family), respecting our diversity yet sharing in unity. We invite you to open your heart to the Big Island of Hawaii at Kalani Oceanside Retreat. Connect with Kalani on Facebook.

More about the Puna Culinary Festival

The Puna Culinary Festival is your invitation to experience the cutting-edge, farm-to-fork practices of the Puna district, in concert with Hawaiʻi Island’s unique blend of cultural influences. The Festival joins together Hawaiʻi residents and visitors in a harmonious celebration of Puna’s vibrant, locally-grown produce and delectable cuisine.

Puna Culinary Festival

The Puna Culinary Festival features locavore meals prepared with aloha by skilled chefs, cooking classes, workshops, film, market visits, farm tours, and other exclusive tastings and events. The 2014 Festival opens with a Hawaiʻian Style Kālua Pork Dinner at Kalani on Sunday, September 21, followed by DELICIOUS: A Feast for the Senses art show. The 2014 Festival culminates with the PupuPalooza appetizer competition on Saturday, September 27th, where food enthusiasts will present a single appetizer in a judged competition and public tasting.

This not-for-profit festival is sponsored by Suisan, and stewarded by Kalani, where most festival activities will take place.  Various events during the festival will raise funds for Hawai’i Island Food Bank, an island-wide, supplemental food network that collects and distributes nutritious, high-quality food to the Big Island’s most vulnerable populations. The Green Divas is a media sponsor. View the full schedule.

* Offer subject to availability. Must complete stay by December 20th, 2014. Certain conditions may apply.

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