The Unflushables

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unflushablesBy Green Diva Lindsay Coulter.

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What have water treatment plant workers ever done to you?

Make their jobs easier—and give the environment a break while you’re at it.

Allow me to introduce the “unflushables”:

1. Tampons

Despite what the commercials say, tampons (and applicators) go in the garbage, ladies. Don’t wait for “that time of the month” to change your ways. Omit disposables today.

2. Condoms

Gentlemen, you’re not off the hook. Condoms are garbage, too.

Photo: Don't flush this!

Don’t flush hair. It’s a water treatment plant workers’ nightmare. (Credit: Chapendra via Flickr)

3. Hair

When did you last clean your hair brush? (That’s disgusting.) Hygiene aside, compost or trash that hair and everything you rescue from the drain trap to prevent clogs.

Attention ladies: this is how to convince your man NOT to shave over the bathroom sink! (Throw in lingo from What happens when I flush (PDF) like “stretching the capacity of the wastewater infrastructure.”)

4. Floss

Don’t let me get in the way of adding a year to your life expectancy with daily flossing. Just don’t flush it!

5. Disposable wipe-y products

There’s a trio of common disposables—baby wipes, mopping pads and cleaning cloths. All will block sewers or harm the environment. It’s time to make your own baby wipe solution and reuse cloths.

What other items make-up your city’s unflushable list?


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Holding strong to the roots of the David Suzuki Foundation brand, Lindsay Coulter communicates the small steps to not only inform, but also empower Canadians to live “green” without guilt or the feeling of being overwhelmed. Her voice, tone, and sense of humor has the ability to lift, persuade and sometime shove people out of “what can I do” mode!

The Queen of Green seeks to build an engaged citizenry that starts with actions they can take at home, then into their neighbourhoods and communities to protect nature and improve our quality of life.

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