Green Divas Radio Show: Food Waste, Urban Gardening & More

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So much great stuff in this Green Divas Radio Show, as always. We got to speak with Jonathan Bloom, author of American Wasteland: How America Throws Away Nearly Half of its Food (and what we can do about it), who talked about the tragic food waste that is a huge problem in our culture here in the U.S. I also got a chance to speak with Rachel Sarnoff, about what to do if you have serious pests in your home and have to fumigate for our GDs at Home. Had a really encouraging chat with Marci Zaroff about the positive trends in the eco-fashion world for our GDs Eco-Style segment. Lindsay Coulter, aka The Queen of Green, from David Suzuki Foundation did a great GD Foodie-Phile segment on creating a food circle for someone in your community that may be in need. And a great GD Green Thumb from Joey and Holly Baird with tips for urban gardening. 

Listen to this whole fun Green Divas Radio Show featuring Jonathan Bloom . . . 

Green Divas Green Thumb

Joey and Holly Baird of offer us some great tips for urban gardening or gardening in limited space wherever you are. Listen to this fun Green Divas Green Thumb podcast on tips for urban gardening . . .   

Green Divas Eco-Style

Marci Zaroff, has been an eco-fashion trailblazer since before it was ‘trending’. Listen to her talk enthusiastically about all the encouraging news in the fashion world from new standards in using more sustainable resources and practices to recognition of the ethics and importance of fair trade. Listen to this Green Divas Eco-Fashion segment on encouraging news in the eco-fashion industry . . .

Green Divas @ Home

Ever had a bad pest infestation of any kind and needed to fumigate? Or maybe you live in an apartment, where there are mandated fumigations periodically. Ugh . . . Well, there are ways to help reduce your risk of toxic exposure and Rachel Sarnoff offers them in this Green Divas @ Home podcast. First, read her great post on 5 Tips for Avoiding Pesticides in and Around Your Home. Then kick it up a notch with the Green Divas at Home podcast on tips for safer fumigation . . . 

Green Divas Foodie-Phile

If you’ve ever been the recipient of any kind of food circle and had family and friends rally to help feed you and your family during the birth of a new child or any kind of serious illness or traumatic experience, you know how important it can be. Lindsay Coulter, aka The Queen of Green, from David Suzuki Foundation, does a beautiful job of outlining ways to create a simple food circle for a friend or family member in need. Read Linday’s post, 4 Easy Steps to Creating a Food Circle, then listen to this awesome Green Divas Foodie-Phile podcast to hear even more . . . 

Green Divas Feature: Jonathan Bloom

When GD Lynn was in the studio, we had a chance to speak with Jonathan Bloom, author of  American Wasteland: How America Throws Away Nearly Half of its Food (and what we can do about it). I am always mortified when we come around to the topic of food waste, which I think is a huge problem in American culture, because no matter how hard I try, I too frequently find myself tossing something that has gone bad into the compost. I had of course, had what I considered a particularly painful loss earlier the day of our chat with Jonathan, so I’m happy to say, I’ve been more vigilant than ever. Listen to this great Green Divas Feature podcast with Jonathan Bloom . . . 

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