Never Go Empty Handed: An Easy DIY Hostess Gift

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Vase1Holiday parties, parties and MORE parties!

Want an EASY DIY hostess gift? Taking a bottle of wine is SOP … Standard Operating Procedure … and always a good thing, but there’s no doubt your host/hostess will just love this little gift. And it’s just SO easy!

 Here’s what you need


  • A wide mouthed, squatter jar. 
  • Candy canes – classic red and white or whatever rocks your Christmas boat!
  • Elastic bands
  • Ribbons

Here’s what you do

1. Put one or two  elastic bands around the jar.


2. One by one, slide the candy canes in between the jar and the elastics, until you’ve made your way all around the jar.


3. Once the jar is completely covered, ties some pretty holiday ribbon around the jar to hide the elastic bands.


4. You are SO done. The flowers pictured are (unfortunately) fake, simply because … well it’s Christmas and I simply did not find the extra time to head out and get a beautiful bunch of red roses … ooo, those would look great … or what-have-you.


The best part … everyone gets to enjoy the candy canes after the party!

Merry Christmas 


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Green Diva Mizar'

Green Diva Mizar is a former co-host of the GD show. GD Mizar is also dedicated to providing safe, clean water to all through her company Pur2o Water Filtration & Purification.

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