Thanksgiving Recipes, Saving the Bees & Reducing Holiday Waste

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We had a great time with Zeke Freeman in the Green Diva Studio this week, and it wasn’t just because he came bearing gifts of Bee Raw Honey and tea either . . .

bee raw honey @ Green Diva Studio

Save the Bees!crazy bee

Watch this short video of Zeke in our studio talking about Bee Raw Honey, colony collapse disorder, how you can help save the bees and hear about what sustainability means to him . . .

Green Divas Foodie-Phile

Then we got to chat about some of Zeke’s favorite Thanksgiving recipes that include honey (of course!). He talked about brining a turkey as well as cranberry sauce with honey. Lots of ideas. Listen to this Green Divas Foodie-Phile podcast to hear Zeke Freeman’s Thanksgiving recipes!

Reduce Waste this Holiday Season: What You Can Do

We love it when we get a chance to talk to our friend and definitely Green Diva, Jessica Arinella from the What You Can Do video series! She’s been extra busy with her new baby girl! Congrats to Jessica and her husband! As always, Jessica is full of stunning statistics about why we should reduce our waste this holiday season (and all the time of course), and she is also full of great ideas and solutions. Please visit the What You Can Do website and learn more about ideas to reduce waste over the holidays, and go to their Facebook page to jump in on the social media fun to help the hungry! Listen to this whole show podcast to hear this great feature interview with Jessica Arinella on What You Can Do to reduce waste this holiday season!

The whole show was actually a good one, including GD Mizar’s DIY segment on how she did some Green Diva winter garden prep to save her fig trees through the winter (I have fig tree envy. Must plant some next year!). Read GD Mizar’s great post with her idea for wintering plants like a Green Diva.

Whether you are eating turkey or tofu, the Green Divas hope you have a wonderful, thoughtful, healthy and green Thanksgiving. Thank you for reading, watching and listening to the Green Divas!

Green Divas & Zeke Freeman

eat. blog. be merry! 

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    James Paulson November 25, 2013 at 1:12 pm -  Reply

    Great stuff! Any good suggestions for eco-friendly recipes with yams? I know that my folks would sure appreciate one! Just no marshmallows on them, please! 😉

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