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Another rowdy crew for the show this week . . . Green Audio Dude Rob is now also our Green Video Dude! We are going to start creating videos of the radio show for our YouTube channel. While Rob is mastering our new professional video equipment, we’ll be busy painting the studio with these fabulous organic and non-toxic paints from Quiet Home Paints. You can see a peek at that awesome red color behind this obscene trumpet zucchini from GD Mizar’s garden that Piglet seems quite happy about — of course, Piglet seems happy about everything! (yes, that’s Green AV Dude Rob in the background.)

Piglet and the obscene zucchini

Vroom vroom! As we head into some of the final vacation weeks of summer, there is no better time for road trip, and we are all about green road tripping here at the Green Diva! Whether it be a spontaneous vacation or a well-planned get-away, The Green Divas have ideas for healthy food, how to keep the air quality of your car smelling fresh (and non-toxic!), and driving greener whether you are driving a new EV or getting the best mileage from your current car.

With our favorite Green Car Dude, John Voelcker, Sr. Editor in the studio, we learned a LOT about the latest in EV, Hybrid and Plugin/Hybrid cars!

Listen to this whole fun podcast of the show

Piglet in GranolaGreen Diva Foodie-Phile: Guide to Finding Healthy Foods options in a Flash

Check out my post with six healthy snack options as well as a list of top rated food chains for healthy food on the road from the Green Divas Foodie-phile. And here’s my recipe for awesome, easy, and healthy granola! Listen to the podcast of this yummy GD Foodie-Phile segment from the show


Green Diva Mizar’s DIY: Who Cut the Cheese?ingredients for DIY non-toxic car air freshener Non-Toxic Car Air Freshener

HAHAHAH – GD Mizar got pretty silly with this one, but the toxins found in commercial car air fresheners are pretty seriously nasty! Those ubiquitous pine tree air fresheners not only can cause headaches, but there are full of phalates, toxins and unpronounceable ingredients that full of adverse effects. Check out Mizar’s post for some DIY car freshener recipes that are Green Diva-approved. Trust me, your road-trip comrades, and the environment will thank you.

Listen to the podcast of this funny segment


John VoelckerSPECIAL Feature Green Dude: John Voelcker

John has been calling-in as our regular green car dude since 2006, but until this week, we had never met him in person! GD Meg almost met him in Detroit this June at a Ford event, but they missed each other by literally one hour!

We aren’t the only ones that think john is the go-to guy when it comes to green driving. John is Senior Editor for High Gear Media. In addition to news coverage and new car reviews, John creates and oversees all editorial for High Gear’s green site He was able to come into the studio today to discuss the latest in green car news. John was very insightful and offered some great information about the different EVs, Hybrids and Plugin/Hybrids that are available. He explained more about what compliance cars are and why they are good for EV development. He also gave GD Meg some detailed ideas about which car she should consider buying.

Listen to this informative podcast of this special Green Dude segment 

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Green Diva Gina'

Green Diva Gina (aka Gina Gioldassis) is fondly referred to as the “Happy” Booker & Foodie-Phile Editor. She was producing and hosting the Eco-Radio show at Drew University when we met her, and we were thrilled that she chose to come work with us after she graduated. Having been brought up in New Hampshire in a Greek family, she is a natural food explorer and enthusiastic green diva. Previously, she worked as a production intern for both WNYC's Soundcheck and New Hampshire Public Radio's All Thing's Considered. While not in the studio, she spends her time traveling, eating, doing yoga and working full-time as a finance writer. At the moment, aspires to one day master her grandmother's homemade doughnut recipe.

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