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Green Diva Meg kicked off her participation in the Toyota MPG Challenge for charity and will be competing with a few other great green drivers here in the New York metro area — Earth Day New York, Inhabitat, EcoKaren, Green Living Guy (aka Green Dude Seth Leitman), Green-4-U, and New York Green Advocate.

GD Meg is driving a fun Prius Plugin Hybrid for the event. If you have ANY tips on how she can get the top mileage, bring em on!

It’s all for fun and charity (#Pluginforcharity). GD Meg is competing for Eleventh Hour Rescue, where Gracie came from.

GD Mizar got into the car for some GD fun and they made this funny short video – definitely worth a watch! 

Read GD Meg’s first post and see more pics of the car and learn more about the event.

GD Correspondent Report: GD Gina – Splendid Summery Soups & Salads!watermellon salad

There is nothing like enjoying the crisp taste of watermelon on a scorching hot day. Make a great hors d’oeuvre by cubing up watermelon and topping it with a mint leaf, feta cheese crumbles all drizzled with a balsamic reduction. YUM! Need some yummy summer recipes? here you go!

Here are links to a couple of our favorite summer soup and salad recipes

green diva jen's watermelon gazpachoGreen Diva Jen’s amazing watermelon gazpacho

Green Diva Meg's farmer's market booty

Green Diva Meg’s delicious easy gazpacho

Green Diva Meg’s Farmer’s Market salad and other fixins



Green Dude: Eco Ed – Smart, Sustainable Shopping. What does it mean to be a conscious consumer?

rainforest certified bagThe law of supply and demand. Society has a big impact on what it is in stores. We vote with our dollar. Listen to this short podcast to hear Eco Ed’s advice on reusing and re-purposing. From furniture, purses, clothing . . . it isn’t difficult to be a knowledgeable consumer. Even high-fashion companies like Gucci are getting in on this action with their Rainforest Alliance Certified leather handbags (?), featured right next to this paragraph.

Listen to Eco Ed right here.


GD Mizar’s DIY: Fabulous Eco Fashion

Have an old pair of pants? Make a purse out of them! Have an old bandanas or scarves lying around? Why not make a cute halter top out of them or a little girl’s sun dress. Listen to this short podcast to hear more!

Feature Interview: Cherie CorsoCherie and Julie Corso in the Green Diva Studio

The trend right now is reusing and multi-purposing in fashion. Cherie says, “As consumers, we want to feel better about the fabrics that we put on our bodies because everything that touches our bodies holds energy. Clothing that we wear should be made with integrity and we know where its coming from. There is a spiritual connection to the things that we choose to surround ourselves with.”

Cherie’s daughter Julia was with us and she was full of energy and happily participated in the broadcast (watch the volume when she gets on the mic!).

Cherie is a black belt in shopping and has a lot of great ideas.

Listen to the full show to hear Cherie and Julia and all the fun we had!

About the author / 

Green Diva Gina'

Green Diva Gina (aka Gina Gioldassis) is fondly referred to as the “Happy” Booker & Foodie-Phile Editor. She was producing and hosting the Eco-Radio show at Drew University when we met her, and we were thrilled that she chose to come work with us after she graduated. Having been brought up in New Hampshire in a Greek family, she is a natural food explorer and enthusiastic green diva. Previously, she worked as a production intern for both WNYC's Soundcheck and New Hampshire Public Radio's All Thing's Considered. While not in the studio, she spends her time traveling, eating, doing yoga and working full-time as a finance writer. At the moment, aspires to one day master her grandmother's homemade doughnut recipe.

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