Green Divas Radio Show: Celebrating 4th of July, Ford & Transitions

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Mizar and I were on our own this week and for the first time, we pre-recorded the entire show. We even got carried away and had fun doing a couple of video product reviews, the one above, which was one of them.

green living guy seth leitmanGreen Dude: Seth Leitman

The recording session was on the heels of my whirlwind trip to Detroit to visit Ford, where I got entrenched in their design and innovation culture and had a blast driving some cars. I talked about it a bit in the opening of the show, and our Green Dude report was with Seth Leitman (aka GreenLivingGuy), who was also in Detroit playing with cars.

Feature Interview: Rob Hopkins, Founder Transition NetworkRob Hopkins, Transition Network

We finally got a chance to catch up with Rob Hopkins, founder of Transition Network. Our GD Correspondent Nomi Lyonns, who lives in Salt Spring Island, BC has reported a couple of times about her work with Transition Towns in her community, and we have been inspired and intrigued. He called us from the UK and the connection was much better than our usual call-in connections here in the US!

Happy 4th of July! 

green diva meatless bbqWe shared some ideas about how to have a healthy, green, fun Independence Day or any summer BBQ, picnic or celebration. Here’s my recent post with some great vegan and vegetarian ideas for BBQs. Listen to the podcast!

GD Meg @ Ford

Here’s my summary of my trip to Detroit for the Go Further with Ford Trend Conference in images . . . 

 Green Diva Meg, Steve Wozniak & Diane MacEachern

 First night was quite a part @ the Henry Ford Museum. Here I am w/ Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak & Diane MacEachern of

Green Diva Meg in Mustang Golf Card
I couldn’t resist playing in the hot-rod Mustang golf carts in the hotel lobby

Steve Jobs quote

The lineup of brilliant thinkers for seminars/workshops was overwhelming. Here’s Jay Ward from Pixar schooling us on creative design and innovation. Check out this lineup!

Green Diva Meg's Custom Fiesta

We got creative and they let us loose with colored pens to design our own Ford Fiesta. Here’s mine. I needed more time . . . 

Green Diva Meg playing Ford Fiesta Soccer

Seriously? It was like driving camp! We got to play Fiesta soccer. We drove IN REVERSE through a curvy track and hit the ball into the big net. Did that poor girl holding the ball get hazard pay? I rocked it in the net. wooohoooo!

Green Diva Meg delivers supplies to Habitat for Humanity in Detroit

Yup that’s me helping unload a gorgeous Ford F150 that we drove as part of a fleet into downtown Detroit to a Habitat for Humanity site. Detroit was hit very hard by our recent crappy economy. They are rebuilding thanks to Ford and Habitat for Humanity and so many energetic and caring volunteers. I had a blast driving with a couple from Miami who were at the event — Gigi and Giorgio, who publish a gorgeous digital driving mag called ImpulsoMag

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Green Diva Meg'

(aka Megan McWilliams Bouchard) is the founder of The Green Divas media brand and GDGD Radio Network (the first green and healthy living radio network on earth for the earth). She's the producer and host of the popular 50 Shades of Green Divas podcast (formerly the Green Divas Radio Show), and now the refreshing and inspiring GD Spirit Pub podcast. Green Diva Meg is a well-known green living expert and media personality.

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