7 Fabulous Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gifts

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My dad is the most self-less person I know, and that makes thinking of father’s day gifts extra difficult. While yes, I’m sure he enjoyed my many years of homemade knick-knacks, burnt cookies, and the many poems I used to write, I do my best to find things that my father would use, appreciate or think are just plain awesome. Whether he’s the outdoors-y type, the techie, or a sports fanatic, here are a few eco-friendly ideas for any type of man.

1. Eco-Friendly Bamboo Earphonesbamboo earphones

Dad will rock out with these fun and eco-friendly earphones that minimizes plastic and other harmful materials and features bamboo, which is a great renewable resource. These are designed for discerning Green Dude ears that want a solid sound that extends the bass. Oh yea . . .

They get a high score on BuyGreen.com and are offered @ a discounted price of $75.

2. Compressible Water Bottle

compressable water bottle

Check out this amazing waterbottle from GoodCleanCompany. This is a great alternative to those bulky water bottles (and it also reduces your dad’s plastic usage, making him Green Diva approved.)  Why not have a BPA free, compressible water bottle that can fold right up and fit in the tightest of places? They are toxin free, BPA free and made of silicone.



3. Powerfilm  USB+AA Foldable Solar Panel Charger

This versatile solar device and battery solar powered battery chargercharger can be used in any setting as long as the sun shines, making it a great gifts for outdoorsy dads. While most solar charging devices provide minimal photovoltaic surfaces, this wallet-sized series of solar film cells can charge USB devices or AA batteries faster than almost any other portable product in the market. It charges 2 AA batteries from completely spent to full in 4 hours of direct sunlight. A universal USB port allows for direct charging of most micro USB devices, like cell phones, smart phones, and iPods. The charger can even power up a USB device in 100% darkness with the help of two rechargeable batteries that act as storage devices for the energy absorbed by the solar panels during the day, discharging the energy as necessary after the sun has set.Could be a great idea for camping!

Check out one here at amazon.com for $88.99


stadium seat cufflinks4. Authentic Stadium Seat CuffLinks

For the Baseball Dad. These cufflinks were handmade and upcycled from stadium seats. They are available in a variety of colors (so get them in his team’s colors).

Handmade and recycled from Uncommon Goods – Prices run $170 to $200



5. Recycled Fabric Vintage Bow Ties

The Cotton Bow Tie Co. is based right out of Ithaca, NY and makes all of their pieces by hand.

cotton bow tie co

The ties are priced affordably (usually around $44), but utilize recycled fabric, vintage yardage and cotton prints. You can find a tie in every color under the sun right here


6. Chordless Chain Saw

What man doesn’t appreciate a good power-tool? Going with the environmentally-friendly theme, using electric powered one certainly makes for a less pollutant alternative.

chordless chain saw

You can use an electric saw indoors since it doesn’t produce any fumes. An electric chain saw also tends to be lighter and less noisy, and you don’t have to worry about running out of gas before the task is completed. Another alternative is a rechargeable chain saw. You can now find chain saws with an 18-volt lithium-ion battery or interchangeable nickel-cadmium batteries. These offer a convenient cordless design, and they’re lighter and less noisy than gas chain saws. A number of today’s rechargeable chain saw designs offer sufficient cutting power for most jobs.

Here is a good option for a rechargable chainsaw that is sold at WalMart $97.73


7. Low-Maintenance Comfy Outdoor Chairs

seaside casual

What kind of dad doesn’t love something that requires NO maintenance? Seaside Casual offers a great alternative to wooden adirondacks. They are crafted from recycled plastic bottles and containers that are permeated with UV-stabilized coloring. They are resistant to outdoor elements due to absorbing heat the same manner that wood does. The hardware is all stainless steal –making it resistant to rust and giving it a warranty of 20 years or more.

Go to Seaside Casual’s website and type in your area code and find a dealer near you. These chairs are always priced at $483



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Green Diva Gina

Green Diva Gina (aka Gina Gioldassis) is fondly referred to as the “Happy” Booker & Foodie-Phile Editor. She was producing and hosting the Eco-Radio show at Drew University when we met her, and we were thrilled that she chose to come work with us after she graduated. Having been brought up in New Hampshire in a Greek family, she is a natural food explorer and enthusiastic green diva. Previously, she worked as a production intern for both WNYC's Soundcheck and New Hampshire Public Radio's All Thing's Considered. While not in the studio, she spends her time traveling, eating, doing yoga and working full-time as a finance writer. At the moment, aspires to one day master her grandmother's homemade doughnut recipe.

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