Green Divas Radio Show: Climate Change & Organic Winos

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We had Green Dude Eco Ed Schwartz back in the studio, so things were a bit more energetic than when it is just us Green Divas. Excellent special report from Brittany Gordon of the EPA about their Team Energy Star campaign to help raise awareness with young folks about saving energy. Green Dude Eco Ed did an excellent report on the heels of the Energy Star fun on climate change and simple things we can do to help reduce our carbon footprint. GD Mizar’s DIY included a wino, I mean organic wine review and tutorial on making garden lanterns out of all those old wine bottles!

Our featured guest, Kristee Rosendahl, founder of got lost in the wrong time zone and missed her cue, but we promise to get her on again soon!

But first, GD Mizar had fun trying on her new Naya shoes . . .

green diva mizar's new naya shoes

Listen to the podcast of this great show featuring the EPA on Team Energy Star & Climate Change

energy star phone in GD studio

Special GD Report: Brittany Gordon, EPA – Team Energy Star

Our recent GD Correspondent, Diane MacEachern ( from the GreenSisterhood, introduced us to the Team Energy Star campaign and the EPA‘s Brittany Gordon, who called us to talk about getting young people (and all of us) more involved in reducing our carbon footprint. We noticed while we were on the air, we noticed that the phone we were talking to Brittany on had an Energy Star label on it . . . of course.

Green Dude Report: Eco Ed on Climate Change and Ways to Reduce our Carbon Footprint

Eco Ed carried on the conversation and talked more about climate change and offered us some ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • First understand what your carbon footprint is
  • Then understand what your highest carbon output is from
  • Here in NJ the top two culprits are transportation and home energy use

He offers some great tips on both of these including links:

New Jersey Clean Energy – for NJ folks to find incentives for energy reduction – for national database of incentives for energy reduction
Green Living Solutions – energy consultants for residential and commercial (Eco Ed’s company!)

Listen to this excellent Green Dude segment on Climate Change and Carbon Footprint Reduction

Green Diva Mizar’s DIY: Wine Bottle Lanterns for the GardenGD Mizar's re-purposed wine bottle lantern

Green Diva Mizar has it rough with all those organic wine reviews! But she’s making good use of all those wine bottles.

Listen to the fun podcast of GD Mizar’s DIY Wine Bottle Lanterns for the Garden

Get Step-by-Step instructions on how to make your own wine bottle lanterns for the garden!

Listen to the podcast of the whole show featuring the EPA on Team Energy Star & Climate Change

eat. blog. be merry!

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