Green Divas Radio Show: What do you know about light pollution?

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Our technology fairy didn’t fall asleep this week, but she was a little late to the party! We missed the first 10 minutes of the show, which was mostly witty BS. The show starts in the middle of our initial conversation about the Chevy Volt I’ve been test-driving and reviewing this week. We had some fun with the car before the show . . .

Green Divas playing with Chevy Volt

Luckily we still got an excellent GD Correspondent report from Diane MacEachern of, another fun and informative Green Dude segment with Green Living Guy, Seth Leitman, and an excellent feature interview with our Dark Ranger hero, Kevin Poe, who is doing his part to enlighten (cute, right?) about light pollution and why we need to start paying attention to and protecting our dark skies.

Listen to most of the Green Divas Radio Show podcast featuring the Dark Ranger, Kevin Poe

or keep reading for more information on what we talked about below!

diane maceachern, author big green purse

GD Correspondent: Diane MacEachern, Washington, DC

Diane is the author of Big Green Purse: Use Your Spending Power to Create a Cleaner, Greener World, and is another of our green sisters from

the GreenSisterhood. We were glad to have her call in and talk to us about how we need to rethink how we manufacture, shop and consume stuff. She talked about the myth that we are saving money by NOT buying organic milk, while we are still buying cases of bottled water. She called it ‘green math’ and she estimates that most consumers waste 30% of their grocery budget on things that really have no benefit to us (or the planet). Diane also mentioned that Washington, DC has a 5 cent fee for plastic bags in stores! A great way to help give people more incentive to remember their reusable bags. Hey, if bags aren’t banned in your town or city, maybe try to get them to legislate a fee. Seems like a reasonable alternative . . .

Green Dude Segmentgreen living guy seth leitman

Seth Letiman was our Green Dude this week, which was timely because Mr. Green Living Guy is all about green car technology and we got to ask him about the Chevy Volt. He talked about being at a recent star-studded event for Lexus and some of what they are up to, and I got to ask his opinion on the possibility of buying a 2007 Toyota Camry hybrid.

Listen to what Green Dude Seth Leitman had to say this week . . . 

Feature Interview: The Dark Ranger, Kevin Poe

protecting the dark skies

We first learned about the Dark Ranger, aka Kevin Poe a couple of years ago from Jessica Arinella, who we happened to have on the show last week (no planning, just happy coincidence, right?). Jessica has featured him several times on her What You Can Do video series.

Kevin is a park ranger in Bryce Canyon National Park, and as it turns out he’s also an excellent advocate for keeping our night skies dark. He’s doing a great job helping to educate us about light pollution and its effects on human and animal health as well as the environment.

Did you know . . . 

  • LED lights disrupt the biological processes of many animals? The blue-white light is the most detrimental. One solution is to buy amber-colored or filtered bulbs for outdoor lighting. These are not so easy to find and while they are a little more expensive, we recommend getting them! Try
  • Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) estimates that 20 million birds are killed every year by improperly lit towers and lights left on in office high-rise buildings.

Find out more about what effect light pollution has on us, the animals and the environment and learn 8 things you can do to help reduce light pollution.

Listen to this week’s great interview featuring the Dark Ranger, Kevin Poe 

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