Green Divas Radio Show: Solutions for A Toxic World

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Filmmaker, Ed Brown & Water Expert Antonio Cernuto in the GD Studio

Testosterone in the house

We had a full studio this week, including a nice balance of testosterone with two of our favorite green dudes in the house. Ed Brown, producer/director of Unacceptable Levels, a documentary about our contaminated world. He does a great job of creating awareness and helping guide us to real-world solutions. Our other G-dude was Antonio Cernuto, Founder and CEO of Pur2o and our favorite healthy water guy. Ed and Antonio were like long-lost buddies on the same trail to help us navigate this crazy contaminated world we all live in.

GD Correspondent: Kimberly Phipps-Nichol, Houston, TX

A wonderful report from Green Diva Kimberly, who has relocated from Reno to Houston, Texas. She is always so exciting and interesting to talk to. I forgot that she designs amazing one-of-a-kind wearable eco-fashion made from up cycled and repurposed materials. Check out this fun brief video of her talking about her designs . . .

GD Kimberly also talked about some of the cool new things she is finding in the sustainable community in Houston. We all really loved Plant It Forward Farms. GD Kimberly did an awesome job of describing it, but here’s a great description from their website:

Plant It Forward offers economically disadvantaged refugees an opportunity to become self-sufficient through growing, harvesting and selling produce from a sustainable urban micro-farm within the city of Houston. Each farm will have the potential to generate a fair wage for a family of four while providing premium brand sustainably-grown produce to Houstonians. Plant It Forward secures land, selects, trains, and mentors farmers and establishes each on their own urban micro-farm to sell under the Plant It Forward brand.

Green Dude Report: Antonio Cernuto on Water Treatment Solutions

Antonio started off by making our jaws drop, when he stated that only 3% of the world’s water is potable. I made him repeat it, because I’m not sure I knew that – or if I did, I blocked it out. THAT is a scary statistic! Antonio is dedicated to helping provide clean and healthy water through his company, Pur2o. There is a lot we don’t know about the water we drink. It is a little scary to hear, but when we learn that there are ways to mitigate the dangers, it helps.

Listen to this Green Dude segment!

Green Diva Mizar’s DIY Adventure: Creative Second Life for Toilet Paper Rolls

GD Mizar and I had a great time playing with these. I can always rely on her to figure out what to do to up cycle or repurpose stuff like this.

Listen to GD Mizar’s DIY Adventures segment on what she did with TP and PT rolls

Read the post and get simple step-by-step instructions for two fun and easy ideas: small gift boxes and seedling pots

Feature Interview: Ed Brown, Filmmaker

We were introduced to Ed by Mariel Hemingway because the two of them are currently working on a film about GMOs . . . stay tuned for more on that! Meanwhile he has been very busy promoting and distributing his award-winning documentary, Unacceptable Levels, which dives into the reality of the toxins in our world and their effect on our health. I have not seen the whole film, but the trailer is riveting and the lineup of experts that appear in the film is very compelling.

Ed is really the most compelling aspect of the film. He talked about how the film is born of a very personal desire to examine, understand and fix (if possible) the toxic world we find ourselves in. He and his wife and their 2.5 (yes, he talked about the new one on the way – congrats to he and Lauren!), provide the real-world passion to create a safer environment to hatch and grow our babies.

He is so much fun and it is not a shock that he has a background as a standup comic. Can’t wait to finally see Unacceptable Levels and see what he and Mariel come up with for his next film project! Stay tuned . . .

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