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The flu has reared its ugly head, and the Green Divas were not immune. Luckily, Green Diva Meg was able to get her voice back and restrain herself (mostly) from coughing and sneezing on the air!

If you haven’t seen it yet, Green Diva Meg was on Ebru Today last week talking all about creative, earth-friendly, inexpensive gift ideas. Go to our post about this fun green holiday TV segment and get all the deets.

More on Tallulah Jane…

Last week Green Diva correspondent Sandy Holtzman told us about the fabulous eco-friendly, organic perfume line, Tallulah Jane. This week we received samples – wooohoooo. We had a ton of fun spraying all 8 scents onto our “test dummy” GD Mizar, unfortunately, in our over-zealousness, we kind of over-did it and it was hard to enjoy! But, we did all agree that we loved the 333 scent and had a hard time discerning after that . . .

Green Diva Foodie Fun

Green Divas Mizar, Meg and Jamie each offered one of their family favorite holiday recipes. GD Jamie talked about her father’s traditional latke recipe. GD Meg offered up her warm red cabbage salad recipe. And GD Mizar got us really hungry with her creme caramel recipe . . . Check out the full post for all the Green Diva Foodie Holiday Fav Recipes!

Green Diva Mizar’s DIY: Earth-Friendly Holiday Wrapping

As always GD Mizar had some wonderful DIY ideas. This week she talked about some creative and greener holiday gift wrapping ideas. Check out GD Mizar’s It’s a Wrap post for all the deets!

Feature Interview: Sarah Finnie Robinson of Practically Green

This week we were so lucky to have Sarah Finnie Robinson of on the air with us. is a digital tool that makes being sustainable easy, fun and stress-free. They offer common sense ways to be more eco-conscience without having to go to crazy extremes.

One great feature of the site are the ‘Actions’ feature, which provides users with the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ behind making simple green changes.

They even suggest products that will save time and give you confidence that what you are purchasing is indeed greener.

Some criteria for the products Practically Green endorse are…

  1. They have to be energy-efficient and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  2. The product must reduce its water usage
  3. Products that claim to be organic must be certified by the USDA
  4. The products may not contain artificial colors, flavors, processed sweeteners, preservatives, and other chemicals or highly processed additives


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