Green Divas Radio Show: Earth-Friendly, Creative, Fun Holidays

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The theme of this week’s show was about having an earth-friendly, creative and fun holiday. As we all know (thank you TV commercials), the holidays are right around the corner and we are all feeling the pressure to go out and buy “stuff.” Today we talked about not to go out and buy more “stuff,” but how to use what we already have. We also got the scoop on an eco-friendly gift idea from out New York Green Diva correspondent Sandy Holtzman.

GD Sandy Holtzman on Tallulah Jane Organic Scents

Our Green Diva Correspondent from New York, Sandy Holtzman talked to us about great, a wonderful eco-friendly gift for the green diva in your life – Tallulah Jane, a delightful and fresh, organic perfume line. Tallulah was started by Eleanor Jane, this luxury product is free of parabens, phthalates, and petrochemicals. They only use 100% natural ingredients in all the perfumes and oils AND all the products are vegan and Leaping Bunny Certified cruelty-free. If that wasn’t enough-they smell fresh and amazing, according to Sandy! They come in seven different scents and have an accompanying body oil and ambient room sprays. You can buy the scents online, but if you want to do a scent test (which is always fun!) you can find the products at Bigelow’s Pharmacy in the village in New York City. They cost about $50.

Green Dude Eco-Ed Schwartz: LED Holiday Lights

Once again we were fortunate to have Green Dude Eco-Ed Schwartz call in today. He talked to us about holiday LED lights. In the last 5-10 years, LED lights have become more available and the price has come down significantly. They are more efficient and use way less energy which will saves money. Keep in mind that regular LED light bulbs have a life of 35,000 to 55,000 hours. You won’t have to change the bulb for 10-20 years!

This holiday season is the perfect time to experiment with LED lights, if you haven’t already. One of the many great things about LED lights is they don’t get hot – so no more worrying about your tree bursting into flames.

Eco-Ed also gave us the scoop on exterior lights that are solar powered LED lights (so cool!). This means that they won’t add anything to your electric bill and they will help you keep your carbon foot print down while still being festive for the holiday. The lights will run you between $20-$50 per string and you can pick them up at Target, Home Depot, or online.

If you don’t know what to do with your old lights try to recycle them with your other electronics before throwing them out.

Jeff Yeager, The Ultimate Cheapskate on Thoughtful, Eco-Friendly and fun Holiday Gift Ideas

Jeff Yeager, dubbed The Ultimate Cheapskate by Matt Lauer of The TODAY Show, gave The Green Divas some fun, cheap and green gift ideas. Jeff stressed the importance of focusing on creativity and spending time together. In fact, Green Diva Meg stated that the Center for New American Dream found that 70 percent of Americans would welcome less emphasis on spending money on the holidays.

Jeff gave us some great tips on the how to re-gift with heart:

1.Do it openly, respectively and early: Make sure the person you want to regift to knows what you are doing and knows that you would love the same type of gift

2. The regift should be in good-as-new condition: Nothing with scratches or cracks (this is still a gift)

3. Avoid regifting to the person who gave you the gift in the first place: That would be awkward!

4. Wrap it freshly: make it pretty

5. Check your motives: Make sure you’re doing it because you know the person will love the gift, and not just because you want to unload it on someone

A great meaningful, eco-friendly and inexpensive gift exchange is a photo  exchange. This is a memorable gift with a small price tag. Find an old photo of a family member and frame it for a loved one. This is like giving a little piece of personal history.

Check out more Cheapskate ideas at, just search for Jeff Yeager. Jeff’s new book, How to Retire the Cheapskate Way The Ultimate Cheapskates Guide to Better, Earlier, Happier Retirement comes out January 1, 2013. AND in 2013 look for his new weekly webisodes on!

“Have a happy holiday and keep it cheap!”- Jeff Yeager

GD Mizar’s DIY: Holiday Gift Idea – Decorating Glass Jars for


Glass jars? We all have em! They are so versatile are easily repurposed. This holiday season if you want to make a great gift for a loved one just grab that empty jar and a few other things.


Glass jars Any shape try to keep it on the smaller side

Wire 18 – 20 gauge: Just make sure it’s thin enough to pass through beads (Discarded telephone wire works too!)

Beads All colors, all shapes & sizes

Ribbon Any type and any color. I’d keep it 1/2 inch wide or if it’s wider, it can also be folded in half length-wise. (I’m partial to satin)

Tea candles or votives or those nifty new LED tea lights

What to do:

1. Cut several lengths of wire 12 – 18 inches long.

2. String your beads on either end mixing and matching sizes & colors as the mood might strike you.

3. In order to keep the bead in place, every time you string one on, double back and over and put the wire through the top again.

4. Keep adding beads until you have a length you need for the height of your jar – anywhere from 3 – 6 inches.

5. Do this for one each side for every length of wire you’ve cut.

6. It’s important to keep the middle section of the wire free of beads as you’ll wrap this around the top of the jar.

7. Once wrapped, twist the 2 pieces of wire together to hold it firmly on the jar.

8. 3 pieces of wire will result in 6-beaded strands hanging from the top of the jar.

9. Use more or less … again, as the spirit moves you!


10. Cut your ribbon to about 10-12 inches long, more for a wider mouthed jar.

11. Wrap it around the top of the jar, covering the wire and tie a knot.

12. You can make a bow if you like.

13. Trim the ends if necessary.

More ideas for your glass jar candle holders:  

  • Add a wire handle so that you can hang them on tree branches.
  • Make sure that handle is well secured by wrapping it around the mouth of the jar BEFORE adding the ribbon.
  • Drop your candle in and there you go!
  • Give a set of 3 as the perfect as a hostess gift.
  • Make a whole bunch for a great look at dusk during outdoor parties.
  • Perfect party favors.
  • Color co-ordinate beads for whatever event you’re planning … Red , white & blue for Memorial Day or Independence Day.
  • Blues, white & silver for Hanukkah.
  • Reds, burgundies,  greens & gold for Christmas.
  • Bridal & baby showers.
    The possibilities are endless!


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