Green Diva Lisa and Her Traveling Boots: Part 2 – Nebraska

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So, here I find myself grabbing my new Patagonia hiking boots from again. Every summer I go to South Dakota and camp with friends.  It’s pretty much due north from Austin and I have a few good choices of routes to take.  My favorite is U.S. Route 83 which stretches from Texas to North Dakota. It’s almost entirely rural and weaves through many small towns and farmland. Over the years I have noticed how many of these small towns are dying. It is so very sad to see more boarded up buildings each year. I’ve mentioned often how hard it is to find a healthy meal across the heartland. Sometimes the only thing I can do is stop at Walmart and pick up some organic salad to get good greens in me.

When I get to Nebraska there are a few choices that I have enjoyed exploring before I get where I need to go in SD. This trip I didn’t have as much time to stop and play before meeting up with my friends in SD, but I did need a break and took one here at this Historical Marker for the Nebraska section of the Mormon Pioneer Trail. Oh those crazy Mormons.

Stay tuned for my next stop…………GD Lisa

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    green diva lisa June 27, 2012 at 10:19 am -  Reply

    Brandon – Thank you so much for enlightening myself and our readers to the courageous journey of the Mormon Pioneers. I did not mean to make light of their situation. Of course thsoe were traumatic times and we all too often forget what our forefathers (and mothers) went through for us to have the liberties we enjoy today. I will be going back through that region again this summer and will look for more markers celebrating the journey and take a reflective moments in their honor.

  2.' December 26, 2017 at 3:47 am -  Reply

    You are right when saying that it is so sad to see more boarded up buildings each year and it is hard to find a healthy meal across the heartland.

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