Green Diva Lisa and her traveling boots: part 1

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I’ve had the good fortune to travel a lot for work and play. This past year I hung out in my hometown in North Jersey so I could work with my sister, Green Diva Meg.  One of the upsides has been spending time in the woods of my youth.  And it’s been even more fun with my new Patagonia boots from our friends at This photo was taken in the Tourne, which is a Morris County Park that I can get into from Birchwood Lake, just a short run from our other sister’s house.

One day after coming out from a long run in the woods, I ran into my first steady from 5th grade who lived up the street from me and also grew up playing in these woods. He bought his Dad’s house and raised his boys there.  I expressed how cool it was that his kids got to grow up playing in the same woods. Which by the way, haven’t changed that much in the last 40 years except for the lake the beavers recently built deep in the middle of the woods behind his house. He told me “They don’t play in the woods.” I was shocked, I have such great memories.  He said that the parents don’t let them play in the woods any more because of bears and ticks. So sad. I knew about the bears and ticks, but I couldn’t stay out of the woods. I have a Norman Rockwell memory of growing up in our little town, and the woods are a big part of that memory.

Stay tuned and I will show you were else I take these boots. Feets don’t fail me now.

Check out our blog and short video about the shoes that GD Meg and GD Lisa got to review from


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