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Here are a few of the links that were relevant to the 3.31.12 show

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GD Lisa shares some tricks of the trade as a road warrior from her most recent road trip to Austin. She shares helpful links and apps for fuel economy, entertainment, pet friendly lodging, good healthy food, security and more. Link to the whole post on sustainable road trips.

This weekly segment is sponsored by Grassroots section
of the Daily Record.
 Join the conversation about what’s going on in our community – share what’s going on in YOUR community and let’s bring new ideas for sustainable living to all our communities.

Meghan van Dyk, Editor of Daily Record’s Grassroots section

Meghan joined us today from Patriots’ Path in Morris County where she was with a crew of volunteers from the adopt-a-trail program that are cleaning up the trails.  This park is a great place to walk, bike, ride horses, and enjoy the great outdoors and getting back to nature in the woods.
 Meghan also talked about an article in this week’s Daily Record’s Grassroots section that discusses great places to take scenic road trips in NJ, such as; Old mine road in the  Delaware water gap, palisades parkway, wild life drive, etc.

Also in this week’s grassroots section – all about CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Visit to find a CSA near you.

Listen to this fun 5-minute Gettin Local segment on CSAs and other cool stuff!

FEATURED GUEST: ELIZABETH FOURNIER, green funeral director and author of All Men Are Cremated Equal: My 77 Blind Dates

Elizabeth talked about a new form of caring for our loved one’s bodies after they die.  For the fire-phobic, there is now alkaline hydrolysis, which returns the body to its ashy state via a mixture of water, heat, pressure and potassium hydroxide, a compound often used to make liquid soaps. The process – now being marketed here and overseas under names like bio-cremation, resomation and water resolution – is already used by medical and veterinary schools. This process has no airborne emissions. It’s much safer and cleaner than traditional cremation and only uses 1/7th the energy.  The liquid used in this process is sterile and reusable. We learned that 16% of the mercury emissions pollution comes from the mercury in the teeth of people who are cremated. Hear more from the whole interview. She’s a delight to listen to.

We also shared that our friend Bill Hak does Eulogies for the Living, where he interviews loved ones of the recipient and edits them together and delivers it in a lovely package. Great for special celebrations like an 80th Birthday or 60th Wedding Anniversary, etc.


BOOM BOOM CARDS (green edition) – Get a deck, pick a card, learn a green living fact, get some ideas, and see what actions you can take to be more green. Then log onto the website and register your deck and cards to keep track of all the actions the card inspires.

  • One action was to read The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss to a child and talk about what it means. It also recommends going to this website to learn how to talk with children about  it.

EarthHour March 31st at  8:30 everyone all over the world is asked to turn out their lights for one hour. GD Lisa suggests using this opportunity to go outside a take a look at the stars and see how much more you can see of them without all the light pollution. Did you know there are 24 time zones? Tell your friends and neighbors to join the event.

Earth Day Experience in Morristown – Come celebrate Earth Day on Sunday, April 22 at an event which is being held in an Eco Parking Garage Check out for more information. – an organization dedicated to making sure we have sustainable and locally grown food in northern NJ.

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