Removing Hate from the Climate Change Debate (and the world in general)

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I read a disturbing article this morning from the Texas Climate News, titled  Texas Tech scientist sees intimidation effort behind barrage of hate mail.  It is about Texas Tech University professor Katharine Hayhoe’s “turn to be on the receiving end of an avalanche of venomous emails.” It drew from me that sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach related to the epidemic spread of hatred and bad behavior.  At one time she was one of “them” as an evangelical Christian. No matter how you feel about climate change and whether humans affect it or not, is it really OK to spew hatred at those of differing opinions? If you subscribe to the “What would Jesus do?” (or in my case “What would Willie do?”), then not only would we not be so verbally violent toward others, we would not destroy the earth for our own personal greed.  Are the most egregious international behaviors being reflected in our homes? If so, can we reverse it by what we do at home?

So many people are frustrated and scared about the economy and all the challenges we face today.  Too many people are not taking responsibility for themselves and their families and lashing out at others in fear and anger.

There’s a humorous Fios commercial where a father slaps down his computer in frustration, his toddler daughter imitates him and slaps the table. Next she is a teenager getting expelled from school for slapping a teacher’s tray out of his hands, then she married to a looser and brings home a baby dressed in a dog collar. A humorous illustration that makes you think about what you might have inherited from your parents or be passing down to your children.

I used to teach toddlers and their parents years ago and the best way to encourage toddler’s good behavior is to have them overhear praise about them among the adults.  Never underestimate what children hear while they are playing and you are chatting on the phone.

There are young children in my life whom I rarely see but adore me. I would like to think it is because I am a brilliantly lovable woman, but in fact, it is because their parents adore me and that is translated down to these children.  Would they hate me and/or be scared of me if their parents hated me? You bet they would.

Not long after I started this post I saw a post from fellow blogger, Christy Diane Farr on, who reminds us to “Be nice or leave.”  She eloquently articulated just what I wanted to say today. So as the queen of re-purposing, I highly recommend you read her post: How to Handle Komen, Bullies, And People Who Suck.

Start at home and teach your children and your children’s children by example.

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