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Here are a few of the links that were relevant to the 1.14.12 show


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Join the Green Divas and our friends at Eco-Friendly Printer and take the weekly KNOW YOUR GREEN QUIZ. A new prize awarded every week! Go to our Facebook page find the quiz and weigh in with your answer.  The quiz will run from Saturday to Saturday.  We’ll draw a winner from all the correct answers and announce the winner on our live show on WMTR from 10-11am EST every Saturday.

Congratulations to this week’s winner, Doug Farquhar!

Next Week’s Quiz Question and LOTS more . . .


Quiz #6 for the 1.21.12 show is: What Sector Contributes the Most to Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

a.  Transportation
b.  Agriculture
c.  Electric Power 
d.  Industry

Play your answer on the Green Divas facebook page to being the drawing for a green goodie!

GREEN DIVA LISA’S REPORT: From the NJ-Based Eco-Exchange Forum

GD Lisa explored a local green meeting for – A New Jersey-Based non-profit organization for everything sustainable. This week was the Eco-Exchange: Food & Nutrition Forum. Check out Lisa’s post on our website for more details.


This weekly segment is sponsored by EssentiaThe Only All Natural Memory Foam Mattress in the World!

Every week we will discuss an entry from this hilarious and totally practical book, Sleeping Naked is Green by Vanessa Farquharson.

Listen to this week’s 5-min segment – SNiG #15 – Find a Green Real Estate Agent

What constitutes a ‘green’ Real Estate Agent?

A realtor that understands all aspects of green living, green building materials, energy efficiency and general concepts for sustainability as they relate to homes, buildings and other dwellings.

There are certification programs for green realtors:

National Association of Realtors Green Resource Programs

Eco-Broker Designation

What do green real estate agents know that regular agents don’t?

Focus on energy efficiency, renewable and alternative energy resources, and environmental sensitivity in building design elements. They should understand or and be able to offer additional professional references to qualified contractors for the following:

  • energy ratings & audits
  • renewable energy sources – solar, wind, geothermal
  • green design
  • green building materials
  • energy efficient mortgages – Low rates, discounts for green-certified properties*, great programs, total transparency, mindful green-certified business
  • Best solution for EcoBrokers, LOHAS and Cultural Creatives
  • Indoor air quality
  • Water quality

*Green-Certified Properties

U.S. Green Building Council (runs the LEED program)

Energy Star

National Association of Home Builders

Find an earth-friendly, green, realtor

Find an Eco-Broker

National Association of Realtors – Green Realtor Finder


FEATURED GUEST: John Voelcker, Sr. Editor High Gear Media /

 2012 Detroit Auto Show – Out of all the new releases the 2 standouts were:

  • Ford Fusion Energy Plugin Hybrid John says this car is what the product of a one night stand between an Audi A7 and an Aston Martin.  It’s a combination of a plug-in Hybrid that has better MPGE (Miles Per Gallon Equivalent) than the Chevy Volt.
  • Dodge Dart 4 door sedan. It’s not your father’s Dart (GD Scott had one “back in the day”). It is an Alfa Romeo under the hood has a highway rating of 40 MPG, roomy and stylish.

John also debunked the media madness and misconception about Chevy Volts bursting into flames.  The Volt is actually deemed the safest car sold.

We doubled the length of our interview with John because we have so much learning from him what’s new in the auto industry. Tune into the podcast for much more…

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