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Here are a few of the links that were relevant to the 12.3.11 show


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One of the Green Divas standard jokes is that while we are serious about living sustainably, we still shave our legs.  Well, we’ve discovered another brilliant option.  We were invited to the European Wax Center in Denville, NJ where we were given a tour, a demonstration and education about their natural waxing method. THEY DON’T JUST REMOVE HAIR, THEY REVEAL HEALTHY SKIN. IT’S ALL ABOUT SKIN CARE.  And oh how our skin cared.  The patented all natural, 100% beeswax heats at a lower temperature then the traditional honey wax (ouch, ouch, ooch, ooch) and it’s a stip-less system.  So it doesn’t hurt as much.

Try it for free. YUP! for free. When you go for your free service, tell them you heard about them from the Green Divas Radio Show and you’ll have a chance to win a scrumptious gift basket of all natural European Wax Center goodies. 

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Join the Green Divas and our friends at Eco-Friendly Printer and take the weekly KNOW YOUR GREEN quiz. A new prize awarded every week! Go to our Facebook page find the quiz and weigh in with your answer.  The quiz will run from Saturday to Saturday.  We’ll draw a winner from all the correct answers and announce the winner on our live show on WMTR from 10-11am EST every Saturday.

This week’s winner was Ellen Ruth Levy, who got the answer to last week’s quiz, which was: What is the definition of recycled paper? The answer is: b. paper made from 30% PCW paper. She won a gift certificate for Zipcar time.

Quiz #2 for the 12.10.11 show is (winner will get something from Tekserve or Green Apple Cleaners!)

What does PCW Paper stand for?

  1. Paper made from Pre-Consumer Waste
  2. Paper made from Post-Consumer Waste.
  3. Paper made from Post-Chlorine Waste
  4. Paper made from Pre-Chlorine Waste
    Post your answer on the Green Divas facebook page.


Sandy talked about the luscious shea butter mousse skincare products from AH Romatic Soothers.


This weekly segment is sponsored by EssentiaThe Only All Natural Memory Foam Mattress in the World!
Every week we will discuss an entry from this hilarious and totally practical book, Sleeping Naked is Green by Vanessa Farquharson.

Listen to this week’s 5-min segment SNiG #11 – Don’t Shave Your Legs

Two billion disposable razors end up in US landfills every year – YIKES!

Aside from the razor, think of the water, soap, packaging, etc.

What’s a green diva to do?


Try European Wax Center

  • Spa experience
  • Different, stripless wax. Less ouch.
  • Natural ingredients minimize ingrown hairs and poor reaction


Similar to waxing, but supposed to hurt less.

Earth-Friendlier Shaving

GD LISA’S TAKE TWO: Green Holiday Gift Ideas

Give where its needed most
Most of us have all the “stuff” we need and then some. Why not give a gift to someone who really needs it and give in the name of a loved one.  One of the best lists that I found that can help you make a number of choices that are just right for all your loved ones was on Where you can choose from their gift guide from among several really cool options like:

$15 to plant a tree
$20 to provide a soccer ball
$50 to give a goat
$70 to educate a girl
$25 to adopt a wolf
$30 to send an orphan to school
and more… 

Eco board game

Kids go green to save the animals.  For ages 6+, it teaches about the far reaching impacts of living green on our planet while enlisting the players to be keepers of specific aspects of the planet like eco systems, forests, oceans and polar ice. It’s great fun.

Trailer Food Diaries Cookbook: Serving up the American Dream one plate at a time!
You don’t have to live in Austin to appreciate this scrumptious cookbook by Tiffany Harelik the go-to-gal for mobile food vending. It is full of great stories, delectable photos and delicious recipes. A perfect gift for the foodie on your list.

DIY – Making mittens from old sweaters
Find a favorite old sweater of your’s or someone you love and turn it into cozy mittens that can be just cozy and/or a loving memory.  Use the sleeves for small mittens and the bottom of a sweater makes good finished cuffs.

If you have to buy, then buy local or at least buy American
If you can’t buy local, I found a great list from CBS News of “made in America” companies.

GD CORRESPONDENCE: Kari Whitman – Eco Interior Designer to the stars
Kari talked about some of her clients like Jessica Alba and Leo DiCaprio who truly care about the planet.

Ace Of Hearts – Save a life by rescuing a dog. Did you know that there are 500 dogs killed every day in California? Kari encourages us to consider adopting, any kind of dog you might want, they have them in LA alone.

Greener Pup – Kari’s new line of Eco Dog Beds made out of recycled plastic bottles.

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