Green Divas Review: The Blissoma Solution

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blissoma2Today, I chose to immerse myself in Blissoma products:

– I started with the facial wash.  It had an awakening scent and was refreshing and it left my skin pretty soft.

– Then I used the morning facial moisture firming hydration.  Also an awakening scent, very silky to apply and absorbed quickly.

– After I was done with my bathing, I tried the Amend spray lotion.  It too was aromatic.  It was light and not oily and not sticky. They say that the pomegranate extract builds the body’s ability to resist sunburn.   It is said that its botanical ingredients are very good for soothing sun exposed skin as well.

– Lately my neck has been stiff and achy so I thought I would try the Chamo-mint stress relief serum. The scent was strong and relaxing, probably appropriately aromatherapy concocted.  There is never a downside to rubbing ones neck, unfortunately, I was doing it to myself.  I would have preferred some help. It was relaxing, although my neck is still stiff.

Find out more about Blissoma skincare products on their website.

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