Green Divas Review: 3 Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Products

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These are the products we reviewed on the Green Divas Radio Show on Sat. 6.4.11. Listen in on all the things we talked about

clear the airClear the Air – Eco-Friendly Pet Odor Eliminator

Spooky the Cat’s mischievous behavior forced me to take action.  Fortunately I had a sample of Clear the Air’s Pet Odor Eliminator to take care of the old cat pee on the old rug. I followed the instructions with little confidence that it would work and guess what, it worked! I have some other spots to work on tonight.  As for Spooky, we still have some things to work out.

berkley green

Berkley GreenEarth Friendly Cleaning Products Recognized For Safer Chemistry


Even when you think you are pretty good about keeping things clean, there is sometimes disgusting moment when you pull the refrigerator drawers all the way out to clean underneath.  You might find some dark sticky or petrified gunk along with everything else people spilled and chose not to acknowledge. That is what I tackled with Berkley Green’s Kitchen De-Greaser the other day.  I sprayed it on and let it sit while I washed the drawers themselves.  It was confessed to me that the stuff that had been there from the last time someone tried to clean, but couldn’t get it off.  I am VERY pleased to report that the Berkley Green cleaner did the job, with the help of a knife.  We made a good team – Berkley Green and my knife.  I look forward to trying all the items they sent us. Stay tuned! .

Mrs. MyersMrs. Meyer's

Mrs. Myers – Clean Day


I have been using Mrs. Myer’s Clean Day products for a long time now.  My favorite is the Lavender line, which I confess I was drawn to without trying the others.  I use the Lavender, laundry, dish and all purpose cleaners and I love that the whole house smells the same. Since they were kind enough to send us some other things to try, I broke from tradition and am trying the other lines.  For starters I tried the Rosemary liquid hand soap.  Honestly, I would not have tried it on my own. While I like a hint of Rosemary, it’s not my favorite scent, but in this case it was a perfect light blend.  I am converted.  Now I have the line up of Dish soap in every sent to try out. They sent us cute little sample packets that I think will be great to take on my camping trip next month.   I’ll let you know how that goes.  Mrs. Meyer’s – Clean Day Products.

Join the folks at Mrs. Myers as they take a page out of the real Mrs. Myers life with their Community Garden Party: Pant.Plot.Share.Grow 


Mrs. Myers

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    Eco Friendly Cleaning Products August 17, 2011 at 5:49 am -  Reply

    Seems promising. Must read by every one. Thanks.

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