Got Fruit Flies? Get Terro.

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Terro Fruit Fly Trap

Terro Fruit Fly Trap

So we come home from summer vacation to a kitchen full of fruit flies. I thought they would just go away in a few days, but as we filled the veggie and fruit basket on the counter with our farm stand purchases,  they just multiplied!  Clamoring on the cabinet doors and landing on every bit of food I had out was very annoying!  Then I remembered my handy Terro Fruit Fly Trap from the Terro company – a non-toxic, ready-to-use, fast-acting trap that prevents flies from breeding and multiplying.

I just poured the food-based liquid into the trap (which looks like a piece of fruit) and placed it under the cabinet, near the fruit basket (which I emptied) where they were lingering.  Within an hour they were all hanging out on the fake fruit and overnight they were all gone – dove into the trap!  Amazing!

Thank you Terro!  — Green Diva Jen

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