Green Divas 3.3.11 – Care2's Randy Paynter

All the microphones were hot for this show! Catch your March TerraScope and meet the gorgeous girls from G2 Organics who were with us for the full hour. Listen to an inspirational interview with Randy Paynter, who’s helping us all get better educated about healthy, green living AND get empowered to get active and participate in positive change in our world.

Green Divas 2.17.11 – Ode Magazine's Jurriaan Kamp

Our first Jr. GD correspondent, 10-year-old Ann Palermo called in to tell us about her Girl Scout project to “un plug” all those vampire electronic things sucking extra energy out of our houses. A thought-provoking interview with Jurriaan Kamp, founder of Ode Magazine on environmentalism v. reality and how innovation can be salvation – even if it causes some pollution along the way.

Green Divas 2.10.11 – What You Can Do (Jessica Arinella)

Never enough time . . . we squeezed in a lot of information in between the fun. We heard from our GD Correspondent, Kimberly Phips-Nichol in Reno, NV who is involved in a rather interesting food-farm cooperative, bringing food to consumers and restaurants all year round. And of course, we had a great time with our friend Jessica Arinella, who is producing a wonderful video series called What You Can Do. We talked about their recent water conservation experiment. Lots of great ideas!