Ok. So you love the Green Divas, but don’t have time for a full hour of GD fun. How about these 1 – 2 minute vignettes that offer ‘fresh ideas for sustainable living’ in bite-sized bits?


Click on the links below to get your bits of informative fun!

Green Light: Organic Cotton Undies
Sponsored by BuyGreen.com: 
A few good reasons why we should consider organic cotton underwear or anywhere for that matter!

Green Light: eWaste
Sponsored by BuyGreen.com:
What are you doing with all your old electronic stuff? Learn a little on how to dispose of your electronic waste responsibly.

Green Light: One-Word Book Review
Sponsored by BuyGreen.com: The second in our series of One-Word Book Reviews to help find great books on living a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle. 

Green Light: Plastic Not-So-Fantastic
Sponsored by BuyGreen.com: Too much plastic! What to do? Well, we can’t go cold turkey, so here are a couple of ideas of how to use and re-use this resource responsibly

Green Light: Hand Sanitizer
Sponsored by BuyGreen.comHand sanitizer may NOT be as healthy as we think – for us OR for the environment. There are non-toxic alternatives.

Green Light: Eco-Art 1
Based on a great report from our GD guest co-host Barbara Taylor, who researched some wonderful eco-artists.

Green Light: Eco-Pets 1
The first in a series about helping our pets & the planet be healthier. A few websites for ideas, products and resources.

Green Light: Easy Green Cleaning
Cleaning like a Green Diva (or Dude) is safe, natural and low-stress on you AND the environment. Listen for a couple of easy green cleaning ideas.

 Green Light: Farmer’s Markets 1
Want to know more about farmer’s markets, where you can find one near you, how you can help start one in your neighborhood, or how you can help make sure every neighborhood has access to locally grown farm-fresh food?

Green Light: Natural Beauty1 (Facial/Skincare)
Want to have a beautiful, Green Diva face? Hear a couple of ideas for natural skincare and facial care.

Green Light: 1-Word Book Reviews1
Experiencing green information overload? Here are three recommendations for eco-enlightenment from Green Diva Meg.

Green Light: CSA 101
Ever wonder what a CSA is and if there is one in your community?

Green Light: Light Pollution
Have you considered how light pollution may be affecting our environment and our wild animal friends?

Green Light: Green Diva Kitchen 1
First of a series that includes simple ideas for creating a low-stress Green Diva kitchen.

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