These are just a few companies we have found that are doing good and raising the bar for all companies who are manufacturing, selling or providing services. We want to support companies that are paying close attention to being better corporate citizens by creating more sustainable supply chains and manufacturing practices; practicing fair trade; paying fair wages; giving back to communities in need; and demonstrating equal opportunities for all. None are perfect, but the companies we highlight here are striving for at least a good percentage of these values as goals and some are pretty darned impressive — showing us how we can operate under a new values system where people and planet are placed as high as profits.

Let’s say YES to companies doing good by spending our money in alignment with our values whenever possible!

Thank you to Green Divas Lisa McWilliams who has energized this page with her research and diligence.

Your Arbornew browser extension that helps you shop your values… enter our new friends from YourArbor. Just go to the site, take the survey which builds an algorithm around your particular values, be it the environment or social justice etc. Then when you go to a site, like Amazon or Nike, you click on the Arbor icon that at top of your computer screen and they will show you how that company aligns with YOUR values. Not only that, but when you go a specific item you want to buy, within that site you can click on the icon to the right of your screen and it will tell you where else you can buy it and how those companies score. It’s brilliant. 

Normally we encourage people to shop locally whenever possible. In fact, you can support many of your favorite local stores by ordering online or on the phone with them, so please consider helping small businesses in your area. But if you need to order online, do it soon and please add YourArbor to your browser so that you can shop your values. 

And if you want to find more ethical companies check out their vetted companies on the Arbor marketplace.

Grove Collaborative – Let them do the vetting for your eco-friendly household cleaning and paper products, as well as, health and beauty products. 

We use this company to buy our household cleaning products. My favorites are their cleaning concentrates that I use with the attractive glass bottles that have different colored silicone bases, so I can easily grab what I need. Just add your own water. Much less waste when I need to refill. They have their own brands along with other favorites like Seventh Generation, Mrs Myers, Method, etc. 

What to expect from their products:

  • Non-toxic
  • Ingredient transparency
  • Plant-based formulas
  • 100% cruelty-free
  • Ethical supply chains
  • Sustainable materials
  • They are 100% plastic and carbon neutral 

We keep a running list throughout the month and order when we have enough to justify the impact of shipping. There is a $19 VIP annual fee which provides free shipping and pays for itself quickly. They have flexible shopping options; you can order when you want or set up recurring deliveries. They also make it easy by reminding you what you have ordered in the past and make suggestions based on your orders. Easy peasy! 

And as for recycling: “Did you know that Grove helps to recycle the plastic pouches and tubes from our concentrates, laundry,  hand, & dish products, and even our Grove Co reusable bags?”

Thrive Market

Thrive Market – When it comes to healthy food shopping online, Thrive Market is a GREAT alternative to shopping on Amazon or anywhere. There is a $60 annual fee with free shipping when I have orders over $49, which helps you wait to have a big enough order to justify the shipping impact. So once again, we keep a running shopping list throughout the month on our account on the website. Each paid membership provides a free one for a low-income family, student, teacher, veteran, member of the military of a first responder. 

We trust Thrive to vet our purchases as well.

“To us, the health of a product is intrinsically tied to the health of the people who produce it, and the health of the planet.

That’s why we’re committed to regenerative farming practices, organic standards, and fair trade. It’s why we ask the hard questions, verify the claims, and do the research—so we can support brands that are building a better future for all of us.”

Who Gives a CrapBetter for the environment and our body. 

Yes, it’s a company selling toilet paper and other paper products at comparable prices from sustainable materials. We love pretty much everything about this company, starting with their humor. The TP is colorfully wrapped for decorative joy in the loo. I just ordered a new offering for each of my kids and their families. There are 48 rolls in the box, each one has a letter or symbol, so my young grandchildren can spell things out with them. One could leave a message on the back of the toilet with the extra rolls. 

And the best part is that they donate 50% of profits to help build toilets because they believe access to a safe, dignified loo is a basic human right. They’ve been able to donate over $5.7 million to help provide proper sanitation for the 2 billion people in need. Now that’s a lot of toilets! 

Aside from being a great place to read, toilets are pretty magical – they keep waste out of waterways, prevent all sorts of nasty situations and provide a safe, dignified place for a person to do their business. But toilets are a part of a bigger system of health initiatives called WASH, which stands for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. Together, these three elements save lives, boost economies and strengthen communities. It’s all pretty amazing.”

 And you can order it online, so you don’t have to fight with hoarders over TP in the grocery store. There is no reason not to buy from this company. 

Allbirds Made From Nature, For NatureWe craft with planet-friendly natural materials, like merino wool and eucalyptus trees, because they’re our best chance for a sustainable future. 

Merino wool shoes that are scrumptious on the feet, meant to be worn barefoot, as well as warm, wicking and anti-bacterial.

Made from:

–      RECYCLED BOTTLESOne recycled plastic bottle equals one pair of Allbirds laces. Reincarnation is a beautiful thing.

–      CASTOR BEAN OIL- Castor bean oil helps us increase the natural content in our insoles. Lean, bean, comfort machines.

–      RECYCLED CARDBOARD – Our packaging is made from 90% recycled cardboard. Because every box deserves a second chance.


CheekBone Beauty a Indigenous Cosmetics company from Toronto, known for creating high quality, cruelty-free beauty products  

I found out about this company because of a Metis artist, Christi Belcourt, I know who designed the packaging for one of their products.

o   Jenn Harper is the owner of CheekBone Beauty. What I love about her and her company is not only that it is Indigenous owned, all her products are vegan, not tested on animals, made right there in house, her packaging is recyclable, and her tag comes as a seed pack you just plant in the ground. 

She also gives back a lot! $5 from the box set with Christi’s art on it is being donated to:

Nimkii Aazhibikong, a language community for Anishinaabemowin language revitalization, land based practices, and the arts. 

o   “True to our roots, Cheekbone’s definition of success is not based on what you attain for yourself, but instead in what you give back to your community.”

SpoonFlower – Artisan Fabrics and Wallpapers sustainably sourced with no wasted fabric

I found this while exploring that same indigenous designer, Christi Belcourt. She has designed some brilliant fabrics sold through this company. It’s a print to order company so there is no waste.

How it works:

–        Select a design from thousands of artists or upload your own

–        Order the design on the product of your choice, from fabric to pillows to duvets

–        They print and sew in-house then ship it. And there are shops in the US and Europe

10 Reasons to Love Them

–        Happiness Guaranteed – they will make sure you get what you expect

–        Supporting Independent Artists

–        With over 1 million designs, you can find what you need for your next DIY project. The best part? The designs you love are always in stock, and new art is added everyday

–        Premiere Fabrics – choose from over 20 offerings (including 3 organic options). Their best-in-class fabrics are ethically sourced and printed to order with inks that meet the Oeko-Tex 100 requirements to be free of restricted chemicals

–        Walls that Wow – whether updating a small space or redoing a full room, they have just what you need to create a big impact. From removable wallpaper to Type II durable wallcovering, their options are affordable and easy to install

–        Home décor you can’t find anywhere else. You get to mix and match made-to-order or stitched in Durham NC

–        A Better Choice for our Planet – Spoonflower has worked hard to reverse the sustainability problems that are rife in the textile industry. Our holistic approach reduces the use of materials, energy and water, since you have the ability to order the exact quantities you want 

–        They’re Local – They know how important local production is and are proud to support bringing the textile industry back to both the US and Europe through their eco-friendly process.  

SoapBox – soap products that donate a bar of soap where needed for every product sold.

–        100% Vegan

–        Cruelty free

–        Paraben free

–        Made in the USA

Cleaning and sanitizing your hands is more important than ever. But Soapbox hand soaps and sanitizers also hydrate your skin, with moisture-rich ingredients like shea butter, aloe and coconut oil. reusable products for your home, kitchen, bathroom, and on-the-go 

It started with cocktails on the beach as the founders were enjoying the majestic beauty of the sea while sipping on their single-use straw knowing that the waiter was about to throw their straws into the trash to become part of the 8.3 billion straws that pollute our beaches. 

Not only did they commit to reducing their waste, but they decided to see what they could do to help others to reduce as well. And so became The Net Zero Company by offering a range of functional, stylish, and most importantly, reusable products for every aspect of your day-to-day life. They offer reusable products for your home, kitchen, bathroom, and on-the-go. They even use plastic-free shipping which uses 100% biodegradable packaging. And if you want to help the cause, you encourage friends and family to purchase and you can earn a 10% commission.


Native Botanicals – Native-owned company bringing you traditional indigenous healing remedies for modern self-care. 

What They are Made of:

–        The Power of Plant Medicines – Respecting Grandmother Earth, and the pejuta (plant medicines) provided to us is part of achieving total wellness. Our products are created with this in mind. They use natural ingredients and our tinctures are free from alcohol.

–        Modern Self-Care Products – Our products harness the potency of ancient remedies that have been used by indigenous people for centuries. We believe all people can live better lives when we care for our surroundings, our bodies and our mental well-being.

–        Working to end over harvesting – As caretakers of the planet, they’re working to save botanicals from over-harvesting and extinction. A portion of all proceeds goes toward replanting indigenous medicines and educating about care and use.

Hamama – growing microgreens at home 

They have non-GMO microgreen broccoli, red cabbage, kale, fenugreek, wheatgrass, clover, wasabi mustard, daikon radish, super salad mix & zesty mix. And the following are organic too: Broccoli, Kale, Fenugreek, Clover, Wheatgrass, Daikon Radish, & Wasabi Mustard. 

The kits include seed quilts and trays to grow them in, either BPA free plastic or ceramic. You can add a Bamboo holder. They even have a cool bamboo tower with 5 shelves.

Two Blind Brothers – Two-Blind Brothers makes ultra-soft designer clothing for the sole purpose of funding blindness research. 

And while you can choose from a number of items, they urge you to try the Blind Shopping Challenge. For a donation of $30, $49 or $89 you get a surprise box that is guaranteed to bring you joy.  Watch the video on their homepage to hear about their mission. 


BioLite – Turning fire into electricity using less fuel 

About 10 years ago when I worked with MSNBC, I’d done an interview for a new company that I fell in love with, BioLite. At that time, they were just pitching a small stove for camping that the founders designed as tech geeks improving their own camping experience. The upside, and it’s a big one, is that it used very little fuel (twigs and sticks) to produce a hot cooking fire that would charge their cell phones at the same time. And while doing that, they created a safer way for people in developing countries to cook inside their huts with less smoke, causing less health issues. No more gas canisters. Woohoo! 

Let’s just say they have come up with all kinds of new stoves and accessories using the same technology. They can be found online or in stores like REI or LLean.  

Their mission:

Energy is Essential

Energy sits at the center of our lives, keeping us safe, productive and comfortable. Energy improves health, combats climate change, enables communication and education, generates income and empowers women. 

Nearly half the planet lacks clean, affordable household energy, cooking meals on smoky open fires and having little or no electricity in their homes. At BioLite, we engage in two distinct customer segments: off-grid households in emerging markets and outdoor recreation users seeking fuel-independent cooking and charging….

Stringin’ along With Me Handcrafted Jewelry from recycled musical stings

Betina satiates her desire to create and recycle by using old guitar and instrument strings to make truly beautiful jewelry. You can order from her collection online or send her sentimental strings and commission one of her designs. I just got a pair of earrings that are now my new favorite earrings that I wear all the time now.

EpimoniaA fashion company dedicated to helping refugees. 


Their mission is to spread hope and love through providing support for refugees in the US with the opportunity for education and advancement. They have created a fashion accessory and apparel company where 50% of the profits go to fund this mission. I bought the unique Embracelet made by refugees in MN made from lifejackets left on the shores of the Island of Lepos, Greece. I have a blue one which will help pay for scholarships and I bought orange ones for my son and daughter-in-law who run a restaurant, that will help  find employment opportunities for refugees. I wear mine everyday in hopes that people will comment, and I can tell them about the company.

EWG – Environmental Working Group – Know your environment, protect your health. 

This is a company we rely on to keep us informed of the latest science about things we use every day. They do the research that helps us learn how to protect ourselves from food and products using toxic pesticides and ingredients. Check out the dirty dozen and the Clean 15, of fruits and veggies. 

Right now, for a limited time, you can get a super cool bag of goodies for a donation. This could replace your stocking stuffers in just a few clicks. 

You can help all of these companies by following them on FB, Instagram, twitter, pinterest etc. And if they ask where you heard about them, please tell them you heard from us here at The Green Divas 

I’ll be posting more companies for you to consider for shopping your values during this holiday season and every day.

Oh and Thank You