The Green Divas is an international well-branded, go-to source for people in search of fresh ideas for sustainable living. We recently launched the GDGD Radio Network—the very first digital radio network dedicated to green and healthy living—with the mission of amplifying the voice of green reason.

The Green Divas Radio show has attracted an impressive roster of high-profile green divas and dudes (including Ed Begley, Jessica Alba, Fran Drescher and Mariel Hemingway), environmental and sustainability experts, natural health nuts and creative foodies.

We’re committed to raising awareness about green issues in a humorous, low-stress way and making it easy for anyone to live a greener lifestyle.

Meet the main Green Divas (and Green Dude)

Green Diva Meg: Founder, Producer, HostSmallMegHead1 (aka Megan McWilliams) As a recovering magazine publisher, current radio show host, author, and multi-media content producer, Green Diva Meg has successfully applied her experience and skills to promote the value of healthy, sustainable living. Green Diva Meg’s big-picture goal is help make ideas for simple, low-stress sustainable living accessible to a broad and diverse audience using humor, credible information and technology. She’s a multi-media diva (diva as in fun, endearing term – not as in difficult personality!). She loves to interact and has been busy writing, producing and performing in nearly all media platforms (Print, Radio, TV, Web, Blog, Social Media).

Green Diva Lynn: Associate Producer, Managing Editor, and myEARTH360 ReporterLynn Hasselberger-60
(aka Lynn Hasselberger), is an ex-marketing exec and self-proclaimed “writer-not-a-talker.” Always a nature and animal lover, mom-hood inspired her to start her own green blog ( and continues to feed her passion for spreading the word about environmental issues and ways to take action for a safer planet. In her rare snippets of spare time, she blogs at and other online publications.

Green Dude Rob: Sound Engineer & EditorGD Rob Koppel
(aka Rob Koppel), Rob is an experienced audio engineer, AV designer and integrator. He enjoys applying his expertise to support the Green Divas and through his company Big Empty Music, he also installs home energy monitoring systems to help people understand how to reduce their energy usage. Rob likes to work quietly in the background at Green Diva Studio, which has earned him the nickname, Silent Rob. 

green divas website logo w/ ™

We’re a radio show! We’re a blog!

We love all things that are good for people and planet!

We’re the Green Divas!

We have way too much fun working with correspondents around the country (and world)! So many great writers and radio show correspondents—hope you’ll check it all out!

The Green Divas Radio Show—a one-hour, weekly digital radio broadcast—offers listeners low stress ways to live a deeper shade of green. Our goal is to inspire sustainable living from a guilt-free, low-stress perspective—making green information accessible to a broad audience using credible resources, humor and technology. 

Green Diva Meg hosts and produces the show out of the Green Diva Studio… The magic happens when she (and a variety of co-hosts) talks to experts and correspondents who are passionate about our earth, livin’ green and taking action for a safer, healthier world.

Get the podcast via iHeart Radio, Stitcher, iTunes, Swell Radio or many of our online media partners. Five minute segments from the show are also made into podcasts for quick and easy listening. Regular segments include Green Divas myEARTH360, Green Diva Foodie-Philes, Green Dude segments, Green Divas DIY, Green Divas at Home, Green Divas Green Thumb, Green Divas Eco-Sexy and a weekly feature interview segment with high-profile celebrities and green living experts on various topics relating to healthier, more sustainable living.


Are you a green diva or dude?

We’re looking for green divas and dudes all over the country/world who want to contribute to our blog and/or radio show podcast segments. Write to us ( and let us know why you are a green diva or dude and let us know what some of your ideas for segments might be. 

The Devilish Details

Green Diva Picks & Reviews Policy

Please note that we do not solicit products for review—they are offered to us on a regular basis. WE ONLY REVIEW THE PRODUCTS WE LIKE. We do not pay for the products we test, review and consider recommending, and we are often offered “samples” of items, rather than retail marketed items.
Our “reviews” should be considered recommendations although they may comment on negative aspects if there are any we feel the need to share about. IF WE DON’T LIKE A PRODUCT, WE DON’T RECOMMEND OR REVIEW IT. We are NEVER paid for our reviews. We donate all the products that are leftover (as appropriate or applicable) from product testing, reviewing, etc.

Green Divas Radio Show Sponsorship Policy

We are interested in working with a small group of sponsors that are aligned with our core values in terms of responsible, sustainable business practices offering transparency and clarity as to their manufacturing, general business, social responsibility and product offerings. We do our best to ensure that our sponsors represent these values, but do not guarantee their representations to us or through their sponsorship/advertising and are not responsible for any claims they may make.

How We Choose Featured Guests for the Green Divas Radio Show

green divas with stefanie spear of ecowatch at green diva studio

(from L to R) Green Diva Lynn, Green Diva Meg & featured guest EcoWatch founder Stefanie Spear

We’ve been living the green/sustainable life for over 20 years and having been pioneers in many aspects of what is now considered “green living,” we have a keen eye for authenticity and can hopefully distinguish pretty quickly between an honest offering and pure green washing. Although we do our homework, we are a small band of unpaid radio gypsies and cannot take responsibility for claims made by our guests. Here are a few things we consider when choosing a guest for the Green Divas Radio Show:

  • We rarely do interviews about products or companies
  • Our interviews are generally focused on issues, trends, helpful information and resources
  • We do some author interviews
  • There are no titles, degrees or certificates necessary to participate in the Green Divas Radio Show. In fact, we love homegrown news on what works from the front lines of living!
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Yekra Player

Yekra is a revolutionary new distribution network for feature films.

Cafeteria Man

“All across America, school food is undergoing a major transformation to help reverse the childhood obesity epidemic — but not without opposition and challenges. CAFETERIA MAN provides an inspiring, behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to bring fresher, healthier food to the millions of kids in our nation’s schools. The film follows nationally-recognized chef Tony Geraci as he works to revamp school food programs that feed thousands of students in two big city districts — Baltimore and Memphis. Responding to the pleas of Baltimore students who were fed-up with terrible school lunches, Geraci was hired to replace pre-plated foods with tastier, more nutritious meals. But he didn’t stop there. To help students develop a better appreciation for healthier foods, he also established a model 33 acre teaching farm, brought in more locally sourced produce, and initiated student-designed meals. CAFETERIA MAN shows that it is possible to feed our nation’s students healthier, more nutritious meals, and provides inspiration and ideas to win the fight for better school food.

With appearances by First Lady Michelle Obama, noted food author Michael Pollan, White House Chef Sam Kass. "

Yekra Player

Yekra is a revolutionary new distribution network for feature films.

Overfed and Undernourished

“We live in a world with increasing levels of Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Obesity. Over 70% of foods we consume on a daily basis are processed, and according to the World Health Organization, if current trends continue one billion people will be obese by 2030.

With our fast paced lives, we have become reliant and connected to devices, TVs, computers, tablets and smartphones and disconnected with the natural world, and the people around us.

“Overfed & Undernourished” examines modern lifestyles and a global epidemic through one boy’s inspiring story to regain his health from the inside out. After heartache, Liam, weighing in at over 80kgs (176lbs) turns to his Aunty & Uncle for help, and embarks on a journey where we witness the highs and lows, a family unite for a common cause, and the promise of transforming his life forever.

With 25% of children and 74% of adults obese or overweight, Liam’s problem is not uncommon, but, as the film illustrates, the treatment is more readily attainable than most people think.

This ground breaking documentary is interspersed with interviews and advice from leading health and wellbeing experts from around the globe and provides us with simple solutions to improve the quality of our diet, lifestyle, and personal bonds, ultimately asking us the fundamental question – are we really nourishing ourselves?

Featuring: Joe Cross (Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead), Dr. John Demartini (The Secret), Dr. Anthony Gollé, Dr. Arne Rubinstein and Don Tolman."

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