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The green divas radio show offers listeners information on green or sustainable living from a guilt-free, low-stress perspective making information accessible to a broad audience using credible information, humor and technology. The weekly, one-hour, internet-based radio broadcast is interactive through blog, social media and live call-in chats with listeners. Get the podcast via iHeart Radio, Stitcher, iTunes, Swell Radio or many of our online media partners. 5-Minute segments from the show are also made into podcasts for quick and easy listening. Regular segments include Green Diva Foodie-Philes, Green Dude segments, Green Diva Mizar’s DIY/Upcycling, and a weekly interview segment with high-profile celebrities and green living experts on various topics relating to healthier, more sustainable living.

Green Diva Meg: Founder, HostSmallMegHead1 (aka Megan McWilliams) As a recovering magazine publisher, current radio show host, author, and multi-media content producer, Green Diva Meg has successfully applied her experience and skills to promote the value of healthy, sustainable living. Green Diva Meg’s big-picture goal is help make ideas for simple, low-stress sustainable living accessible to a broad and diverse audience using humor, credible information and technology. She’s a multi-media diva (diva as in fun, endearing term – not as in difficult personality!). She loves to interact and has been busy writing, producing and performing in nearly all media platforms (Print, Radio, TV, Web, Blog, Social Media).

Green Diva Lynn: Editor-In-Chief and myEARTH360 ReporterLynn Hasselberger-60
(aka Lynn Hasselberger), is an ex-marketing exec and self-proclaimed “writer-not-a-talker.” Always a nature and animal lover, mom-hood inspired her to start her own green blog ( and continues to feed her passion for spreading the word about environmental issues and ways to take action for a safer planet. In her rare snippets of spare time, she blogs at and other online publications.

 GD Gina in the Green Diva StudioGreen Diva Gina: Foodie-Phile Reporter
(aka Gina Gioldassis), Gina was doing the Eco-Radio show at Drew University when we met her, and we were thrilled that she chose to come work with us after she graduated. Having been brought up in New Hampshire in a Greek family, she is a natural food explorer and enthusiastic green diva.

Green Dude Rob: Sound Engineer & EditorGD Rob Koppel
(aka Rob Koppel), Rob is an experienced audio engineer, AV designer and integrator. He enjoys applying his expertise to support the Green Divas and through his company Big Empty Music, he also installs home energy monitoring systems to help people understand how to reduce their energy usage. Rob likes to work quietly in the background at Green Diva Studio, which has earned him the nickname, Silent Rob. 

Green Diva Correspondents

Green Diva Lisa: Correpondent (Austin, TX) (aka Lisa McWilliams) is a TV/Radio co-host, film producer, non-profit ED, blogger and the wayward sister of Green Dive Meg. GD Lisa is former co-host and always our roving GD Correspondent! As Meg’s older sister, Lisa was recycling and composting long before it was trendy.  For the last 2 decades, Lisa has been a documentary film producer and perpetually has her antenna up for good stories.  She looks forward to ferreting out some fun and informative stories about how to endeavor to live a deeper shade of green. 

Green Dude Scott: Co-Host/Token Testosterone (retired, for now!)
(aka Scott Rousseau) Retired police officer and veteran Marine Corp guy, GD Scott spends most of his days working his farm, showing off how far he can ride his bicycle (for special fundraisers, he has ridden from NJ to DC!), being a good husband, father, uncle and all around good guy. His practical non-nonsense attitude makes being green pretty easy for GD Scott.


Green Diva (Silent) Jessie: Sound Engineer/Producer
(aka Jessie Heissenbuttel) GD Jessie easily mastered the controls in the studio and tolerates all of our attempts to capture her ellusive voice on the air. She loves animals, especially her favorite kitty, named “kitty.” Jessie grew up in a house where green living was the standard, so it comes naturally to her.


Green Diva Laima: GD Correspondent (Gulf Shores, AL)
(aka) Laima Adomaitis Brown, Artweeds: A lifelong artist from her first fingerpainting of dolphins to an early career as a graphic artist, then years as a registered art therapist. “Reinventing” second hand, found objects and vintage stuff combined with new funky finds into artistic creations is the vision behind artweeds eco art and funky eco jewelry! Laima’s specialty areas include creativity and spirituality (i.e. her essay “Creativity is Supernatural” in Word Pictures, Moon/ Schoenholtz, CC Thomas.) and finding the beauty in “(art)weeds” -”And what is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered…”-Emerson!


Green Diva Nomi: GD Correspondent (British Columbia, Canada)
(aka) Nomi Lyonns Bio – a self-professed Eco-Warrior (though sometimes called and Eco-Nazi) Nomi Lyonns has been an advocate for human, earth and animal rights for decades.  A cabaret singer, yoga teacher and environmentalist she lives on a little island on the west coast of Canada where big changes are afoot. A member of the local Transportation and Climate Action Commissions, she is also a member of the Transition Town Movement where communities are getting together to create a sustainable environment for future generations.


Green Diva Maggie: GD Correspondent (McDonough GA)
(aka) Maggie Miller – HAND PAINTED LLC, Decorative & Functional Art Studio.  Maggie is a functional and decorative artist and has been painting since 2000.  She takes the eco-friendly approach to her work and painting with the use of paints and sealers that are both safe for our environment and our health to her office practices, which are sustainable using paper made from sugar cane and other resources.



Green Diva Heather: GD Correspondent (Washington, DC)
Dr. Heather E. Eves is a wildlife conservationist (also bike-lover) who has worked in Africa since 1985 and currently resides in the Washington, DC metro area.  She teaches graduate school at two universities and supports a conservation team in East Africa  She finds trying for the minimalist lifestyles developed over a decade living in Africa and having children in one of the most populated, consumer-rich parts of the country quite a journey.


Green Diva Sandy: GD Correspondent (New York, NY)
(aka Sandra Holtzman) As the author of, “Lies Start-Ups Tell Themselves to Avoid Marketing” and President of Holtzman Communications, Sandy is a recognized leading marketing professional in several industries including emerging clean technologies. Sandy was a founder of Clean Tech New York and the Clean Tech Corridor. As a lifetime New Yorker, Sandy has a natural propensity for urban sustainability and a fabulous sense of humor to add flair to her green style.


 Green Diva Marie: GD Correspondent (Los Angeles, CA)

(aka Marie Wilson) Marie was born in Athens, Greece and raised in Toronto. As a model, she worked throughout Europe before moving to LA, where she became a successful actress. Her first daytime drama role was on Port Charles as Karen Wexler after playing Mary Bono in And the Beat Goes On.  Then she did a several year stint as sexy vixen Meg on As The World Turns. Marie has always had a love of nature and an inclination to live geener and brings a glamorous and worldly perspective to the show.

Green Diva Khat: GD Correspondent (Berkshires, MA)
(aka Khat O’Brien) J. Khat O’Brien gave up TV and using a microwave and focuses on gardening and is currently experimenting with a small rooftop garden adjoining her second floor apartment in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. She has been a food coop member since her early twenties, and enjoys cooking natural foods in tasty ways. Khat pursues healing alternatives, is an energy healer and reiki master, and provides spiritual counsel through the use of tarot, astrology and numerology.


Green Diva Kim: GD Correspondent (Reno, NV)
(aka Kimberly Phipps-Nichol) The daughter of a pediatric nurse practitioner and a respiratory therapist, Kimberly grew up working in several children’s health facilities in her native Florida.  Early on, she witnessed firsthand numerous childhood illnesses that were suspicious in their origin, often exacerbated by occupancy within certain buildings.  This led Kimberly into the field of environmental design, and the study of the building’s relationship to the people that occupy them. With over 15 years’ experience in sustainability, teaching and community facilitation, Kimberly helps groups large and small on their journey to making conscientious living, building and business decisions.   

Are You a Green Diva or Dude?
We are looking for green divas and dudes all over the country/world who want to call-in and give us 5 - 7 minute reports on the great green news in their regions. Write to us ( and let us know why you are a green diva or dude and let us know what some of your ideas for segments might be.

The Devilish Details

Green Diva Picks & Reviews Policy
Please note that we do not solicit products for review – they are offered to us on a regular basis. WE ONLY REVIEW THE PRODUCTS WE LIKE. We do not pay for the products we test, review and consider recommending, and we are often offered “samples” of items, rather than retail marketed items.  Our “reviews” should be considered recommendations although they may comment on negative aspects if there are any we feel the need to share about. IF WE DON’T LIKE A PRODUCT, WE DON’T RECOMMEND OR REVIEW IT. We are NEVER paid for our reviews. We donate all the products that are leftover (as appropriate or applicable) from product testing, reviewing, etc.

Green Divas Radio Show Sponsorship Policy
We are interested in working with a small group of sponsors that are aligned with our core values in terms of responsible, sustainable business practices offering transparency and clarity as to their manufacturing, general business, social responsibility and product offerings. We do our best to ensure that our sponsors represent these values, but do not guarantee their representations to us or through their sponsorship/advertising and are not responsible for any claims they may make.

How We Choose Featured Guests for the Green Divas Radio Show
We’ve been living the green/sustainable life for over 20 years and having been pioneers in many aspects of what is now considered ‘green living’, we have a keen eye for authenticity and can hopefully distinguish pretty quickly between an honest offering and pure green washing. Although we do our homework, we are a small band of unpaid radio gypsies and cannot take responsibility for claims made by our guests. Here are a few things we consider when choosing a guest for the Green Divas Radio Show:

  • We rarely do interviews about products or companies
  • Our interviews are generally focused on issues, trends, helpful information and resources
  • We do some author interviews
  • There are no titles, degrees or certificates necessary to participate in the Green Divas Radio Show – in fact, we love homegrown news on what works from the front lines of living!
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