Earth Day 2018: Stepping up our activism game

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men argue. nature acts.

~ Voltaire

GD Max and I recently gathered at GD Studio Q (up in the Qua, aka Chappaqua, NY) to chat about Earth Day and record some of our thoughts on this year’s theme of activism. Honestly, I think it was last year’s theme, but seems like it’s still a relevant priority. 

Listen to this year’s Earth Day show

And here’s a mashup of our favorite Earth Day posts.

There’s no argument (although some still cling to the idea that there is) that climate change caused by human activity is in an accelerated downward spiral. It seems we are locked in a race to make this planet uninhabitable by humans and other species that require clean air, food and water. Glaciers have hit a “point of no return,” there is already a serious water crisis in Africa, and we are finding water supplies poisoned in more places than Flint Michigan. We are destroying our food supply with toxic chemicals and GMO crops and still razing the rainforests at a rate that is mind blowing. 

But, please don’t mistake my rant. I’m not entirely pessimistic. Read this post and listen to the podcast with one of my favorite climate optimists, Climate Mama, Harriet Shugarman.

Some of us thought we were activists until the White House became occupied (part-time) by a gang of anti-environmental thugs who have this antiquated notion that all regulation is bad and corporate greed is good. Sorry, not sugar coating it. But the good news is that almost everyone I know, including the usual conservative suspects, are stepping up their game on behalf of sanity when it comes to climate change, conservation and anti-pollution regulation. Whether taking to the streets, knitting hats, joining or supporting organizations that are on the front lines, running for office, sending postcards, calling and emailing their representatives and relentlessly reflecting the truth in the face of bold face lies; people are motivated and getting off their couches and into action like never before (at least in relatively recent history).

There are so many ways to get active. So many organizations. Read a great post about midlife activism for some inspiration, and please read my post about ways to love mama earth without being annoying.


I’m a tiny bit hopeful that we will be able to sort out this mess without killing each other rather than looking to colonize some other planet that we can then quickly trash. We have to grow up and realize this gorgeous planet offers us all the resources we need to survive if we are intelligent, compassionate, and cooperate with each other and most of all stop acting like greedy spoiled children. I’m not sure about you, but my experience is that people who are afraid of not having food, water, clean air and shelter are cranky and prone to violence, especially when what little they have is threatened further. 

In the midst of all the crazy negative news, I’m seeing some bright spots of positive things happening, of people getting creative, people finding new ways to work together, people waking up. what in nature thrills you & makes you tingle w/ mysterious joy? #earthday everyday Click To Tweet

So my wish for you this Earth Day is as always, first connect to this earth and understand your place here, whatever that may be. Hug a tree or at least find a nice plant to commune with, find a space in nature that thrills you and makes you tingle with mysterious joy, and spend some quiet time contemplating what you can do to be part of the goodness that is sprouting. What can you do to participate in the solution. Do one thing that helps make this a better planet and honors all that mama earth does for us. Maybe do two or three. Whatever. At the very least don’t be complicit in the destruction. Don’t keep quiet when you know the truth is not being told. 

Here are a couple of our favorite GD Earth Day pieces from over the years that are still worth reading and sharing…

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