Healthy Halloween Treats that are Frightfully Delicious

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spooky ghost bananas for halloween treats

Halloween is meant to be a scary (yet all in good fun) holiday…but that doesn’t mean that your healthy Halloween treats have to make all the trick-or-treaters run away from the creepy health-nut up the street. There are plenty of alternatives to not swimming in artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners and artificial treats. Our families aren’t artificial so neither should the foods that they consume, and Halloween is no different.

On the show today we are going to feature some pretty tasty alternatives that will make your digestive tracts thank you later. All of these treats are non-GMO, easily molded to be non-dairy and gluten free. Most importantly, a lot of them you can make from every day grocery items in your pantry.

cheesyfingers-297x250Spooky Fingers 

These treats actually freaked me out, but I think for the hardcore Halloween party-ers, these would be a hoot. All you need is string cheese (you can just vegan cheese or any other kind that floats your boat), red peppers and a bit of oil to keep the pepper stable. Be sure to carve out some wrinkle lines and you’ve got yourself a severed finger. Instead of cheese of any sort, long turnips would work just as well. Inspiration for this recipe came from’s Healthier Halloween Treats. 

Banana Graveyard Ghostsboonanas

These are great, and would make a great centerpiece to any Halloween Party. All you need is bananas,  fair-trade chocolate chips, cookie crumbles and a sturdy plate. The cookie crumbs are one way to make graveyard dirt, but I think you can get just as creative by using any sort of pudding recipe, or melting your own chocolate and having it harden (to keep the ghosts that much sturdier. Just be sure to eat them before the bananas get too brown. I got the inspiration for this idea through Mind Body Green’s post Spooky Recipe: Boonanas in the Graveyard. 

Strawberry Ghosts

chocolate ghosts

I found this recipe through Taste of Home.  It can easily be modified to be Green Diva Approved! All you really need is strawberries, white chocolate, shortening (which can totally be substituted for healthier options such as coconut oil) and almond extract. Don’t forget some mini chocolate chips for the eyes! Check out the recipe here for their Halloween Strawberry Ghosts. They are too cute to possibly be scary



All-Natural & Organic Candy yummy earth

Looking for all-natural and organic candies to serve those trick-or-treaters? CandyWarehouse has some pretty tasty options. Through searching Organic and All Natural Candy, I found that they had three pages of options. Some really tasty-looking ones I would buy are the GoNaturally Honey Organic Hard Candy or the YummyEarth Organic Lollypops.

Large Banana Ghost Image with Pumpkins via Shutterstock

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    Danelle November 2, 2013 at 6:27 pm -  Reply

    I made the ghost strawberries with my 4yr old son. It was so easy and he totally loved it. All the parents raved how cute they were and they all think I’m a creative genius. Thank you so much for sharing

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