7 Effortless Ways to Live Greener

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Here are a few SUPER easy things you can do that make a difference:

1.  Switch to rechargeable batteries – according to TheGoodHuman.com there are lots of good reasons to switch. It will save you money while NOT adding to the 15 billion batteries that end up in landfills in a year.

2.  Switch to LED or CFL light bulb alternatives – light bulbs burn up to 25% of your home energy budget.  The technology keeps changing so if you were satisfied with the alternatives before, look again.

3. Use cloth rags instead of paper towels and napkins -Really? How hard is it to just throw cloth rags and napkins in with your laundry. The effect of disposable paper products is staggering on our forests. You save money AND save trees.

4. Stop vampire energy from draining your home – Plug everything into smart power strips to make it easy to stop wasting electricity usage. Our friend Ed Begley Jr. just reminded us on our Green Divas Radio Show last Saturday, just how much electricity we waste by not unplugging electronics like appliances, TVs and computers. With the smart power strips you can easily turn off those electronics when we are not using them. Just remember to keep your alarm clock and your cable box separate.

5. Reduce usage of plastic bags – OK Folks, there is just no good reason to use most of those plastic bags. It takes a while to get used to remembering to bring your cloth bags into the grocery store, but you will get used to it eventually. Then don’t forget to bring them into other kinds of stores as well.  Plastic bags take between 500 and 1000 years to biodegrade. When you look at the facts, you can see why it is soooo important to stop using plastic bags. If you happen to bring one home, please, please, please give it as many lives as you can. Oh and for those zip locks etc, turn them inside out and throw them in with your laundry, just remember not to put them in the dryer.  Hang a small line in your laundry room and just hang them to dry.  It will save you money and keep the plastic bags out of the land fill.

6. Stop using bottled water– Speaking about plastic, that is only one reason to stop using bottled water. Tap water cost $0.0015 per gallon, while bottled water averages about $10.00.  Oh and 40% of that bottled water is from a tap. And don’t forget that making plastic adds to the oil crisis. For more fun facts click here.

7. Reuse or recycle – This is where you get to be creative. Before you go to throw something out think about how else you can use it. This exercise can be fun and very satisfying.

Making a habit of doing ANY of these things simple things can add up and make a difference. Enjoy!

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